Solar Eclipse Party!

Solar Eclipse Party!

In Florida, we’re only going to get 90% of the solar eclipse but we’ll be all ready with our nerdy 3D-looking cardboard glasses! Even though Max and Mason are officially on “summer break” from homeschooling, we still take advantage of their leisure time to teach lessons.

I told them we’re going to have a Solar Eclipse Party on August 21st. It’ll start at about 1:00 p.m. We’ll have snacks and sodas (and probably some ice cold beer, too, for the grown-ups). We haven’t yet received the glasses we ordered but, after reading new reports, we’ll be checking to see if they really are safe. If not, we’ll stay in the shade, and not look up at all. We’ll simply enjoy watching and feeling the atmosphere change.

I gave the boys articles on solar eclipses, including lots of interesting goodies about things to watch for, like animals and insects changing their behavior, as well as family pets. I’m pretty sure none of that information will be on their S.A.T. someday but it fascinates us, and gets them excited about the natural world we live in. The natural world can do some pretty cool things!

In other news, only two more weeks (give or take) until we are grandparents for the first time. We are anxiously awaiting the phone call, and placing bets on the date of birth and the baby’s weight, of course. 😉


Mason checked in with me the other morning, saying he’d finished his chores. I said, “Did you remember to scrub your toilet?”

He groaned, and said, “Mom, I really need to get ready for the tutor but I’ll do it later.”

As he walked away, he quietly whispered, “Much later…”

Hugs to all!

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2 Responses to "Solar Eclipse Party!"

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  2. dlbeyer  August 17, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    We’ll have 93 percent eclipse in Seattle area. I got our viewing glasses through “Visit Salem” – Salem Oregon’s Chamber of Commerce. They were $1/piece. Bought six, for our family. We cancelled our plan and hotel to go just south of Salem, OR. The Oregon traffic has already begun, and it’s only Thursday 🙁