Screaming Flock of Parrots!

Screaming Flock of Parrots!

Our solar eclipse glasses arrived on Monday morning, just a couple of hours before the eclipse. As you probably know, unless you’re looking directly at the sun, you can’t see ANYTHING through those things. Of course, then there was all the hype about “fake” eclipse glasses being sold all over the country.

Max (age 15), put on a pair in the shade outside, and said, “”These ARE fake…I can’t see a thing!”

Later, after we sat outside in the sun, Max put his back on, and said, “Wow! I can see my own eyeballs!”

We had a great time reading the packet of educational articles I’d printed about the eclipse. About an hour after reading about how animals (birds in particular) react to an eclipse, the largest flock of parrots I’ve ever seen in my life flew over and they were all SCREAMING! It was a sight to behold! We were so mesmerized that nobody thought to whip out their phone and record it. Darn it! They headed toward the Salvadore Dali Museum, dipped way down toward some trees, and then swooped way back up in the sky again, and kept heading south. It was BIZARRE and SO COOL!!

Our Managing Editor, Brian Whiddon, brought along some paper and a needle, and showed the boys the old fashioned way of looking at the shadow of the eclipse on paper. Our neighbors in the next boat over also homeschool so we have fun chatting with them while craning our necks to watch the eclipse progress. We’d read the warning on the glasses and nobody looked for more than three seconds at a time. Some other neighbors came over to borrow our glasses and it was a great neighborhood bonding afternoon!

The best part was watching the atmosphere change, as well as the color of the water. It was so subtle and, during the darkest part, it was definitely creepy!


“Mom, I’m going to start a new YouTube channel so I can start publishing my videos. I need some new equipment and I’ve figured out a way to earn money to buy it!”

I replied, “That’s great, honey! What are you going to do?”

He smiled, and said, “Have you ever heard of”

Hugs to all!

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