No BZZZZZ! When Dentists Do NOT Overtreat Children!! – by Ali Hibberts, Director of Publishing Services at BookLocker

No BZZZZZ! When Dentists Do NOT Overtreat Children!! – by Ali Hibberts, Director of Publishing Services at BookLocker

Even before Covid, all of BookLocker’s employees worked from home. It has always been more important to us that our employees be able to be with their children 24/7. FAR more important than  having boring board room meetings. And, besides, nobody has to wear pantyhose or ties to work!!

Ali Hibberts, the Director of Publishing Services at BookLocker, is filling in for Angela this week. Enjoy!!

Hi Everybody!

This is Ali writing to you this week with a snippet from The Hibberts’ House! Since moving to Georgia, we have dreaded finding a new dentist for our children, Jack (age 4 1/2) and Mackenzie (just turned 3). Our pediatric dentist in Florida was so personable and trustworthy!

I, myself, have been to a few dentists who have recommended extra work that wasn’t necessary, and ended up having a lot of extra work done as a result. One dentist made a mistake while drilling into one of my teeth, and that forced me to get a crown (which I had to pay for). I, of course, fired that dentist.

Overtreatment and that one mistake has made it difficult for me to chew on one side of my mouth ever since. I visited another dentist later, one we knew personally, and who received my forwarded files. She confirmed the overtreating dentists had done a LOT of unnecessary work on my mouth.

So, to say that I was a little hesitant in finding a new dentist is an understatement!

We heard through a family friend about a pediatric dentist the next town over from us who is very conservative in his approach to caring for baby teeth. We made an appointment for our son, Jack, to go for a checkup but their earliest appointment was three months later. The appointment finally happened on the day before Jack started school.

Their waiting room was large, with a two-story ceiling exposing a giant pig riding in a hot air balloon. Paw Patrol was on the TV and there were other kids milling about. Jack felt instantly comfortable!

The dental assistant came to get Jack, and greeted him with a high five. She was so sweet with her words, asking him when his birthday was, when he started school, and what colors he liked, and Jack instantly opened up to her. She began with brushing his teeth, then moved on to the electric brush, and she then flossed his teeth. He opened wide, and grinned! He wasn’t nervous at all!

She asked, “Has he always been this good at the dentist?”

I replied, “NO!”

I was just as surprised, and very proud! They needed some x-rays and, since I’m pregnant, I couldn’t be in that room with him. He didn’t even look for me. He sat, and complied with each of her requests. The dentist came in after that, and said that he would not recommend any treatment on Jack’s teeth. He’s doing GREAT!

Jack came home with a new toothbrush, floss, and stickers and he was given a token for a prize. He used the token for a gemstone. He LOVES gemstones, as well as anything outer space-related.

I’m SO thankful to have found a pediatric dentist that is gentle and patient, and won’t recommend unnecessary treatment for toddlers and children. And, I wanted to give him a shout-out right here!

He is Dr. Freddy at Rome Center for Pediatric Dentistry

Now, to find a new dentist for my husband and myself. If you know any good (and gentle!!) dentists near Rockmart or Rome, Georgia, please me know in the comments box below! If they give out stickers and prizes to grown-ups, that’ll be a plus!! 😉


Ali Hibberts has been working for for over a decade (even while she was attending college – earning two degrees!). For the past five years, she has been the Director of Publishing Services at BookLocker. 

Ali’s job involves taking authors through the entire publishing process, from A to Z. That means she holds their hand from the moment they sign up to have their book published until their book hits the market. And, of course, if they need her for anything later, she’s just a mouse-click away. If BookLocker authors have questions about formatting, design, conversion, printing, distribution, royalties, and any of a few hundred other publishing topics, she’s your go-to gal!

Ali lives in the beautiful countryside near Rockmart, Georgia with her husband, Jack, Mackenzie, their two dogs, Georgia (funny name, huh?) and Coco, as well as two kitties. 

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  1. Johnny Townsend  August 6, 2022 at 8:31 am

    Congrats on finding someone for Jack you can trust!! I’ve heard many nightmare stories about overtreating dentists from my friends. When I moved to my current city, I chose a dentist near my home. At the first visit, she told me I had three cavities and needed two crowns. I hadn’t had a cavity in over 30 years, so I was suspicious and got a second opinion. The other dentist told me I had no cavities but did need a single crown. I ended up going to that dentist for the next several years and he never ordered any more work on me in all that time. I was terrified when he retired but gave the replacement who took over his office a chance. The new guy found two problems on my first visit. I got a second opinion elsewhere and that dentist found nothing wrong. Friends have told me far worse stories and I’ve seen news reports with truly horrific accounts. Wishing you the best as you find a dentist for you and your husband.