Look What Max Made on His Second Day of (Welding) School! Awe!!

Look What Max Made on His Second Day of (Welding) School! Awe!!

Max (age 18), has been homeschooled his entire life. He made sweet little drawings in “Kindergarten,” and wrote adorable little stories starting in first grade. We would hang his artwork on the fridge, and even framed some of them over the years. He actually became quite a talented graffiti artist. Don’t worry. He only “tagged” paper, and some of his own toys. He particularly enjoyed “tagging” his own electric trains and they looked awesome!

Max attended local homeschooling groups for socialization, and had a private tutor for math (because, hey, I KNOW my limits!!).

When you homeschool, if you’re not a “student” at an “accredited” distance learning school (those are VERY expensive), you must take the four GED tests in order to obtain your high school diploma. Max took all of his last fall, and passed all of them on the first try. The GED is not like it was years ago. The math one, in particular, is HARD! I doubt I would pass it if I took it today. Correction, I’m certain I would fail it. Algebra and I do NOT get along – never have…never will.

Last fall, Max signed up for welding school at the local tech college. He was adamant about not having any student loans and, over the past two years, he saved enough money for the first two years of welding school, including supplies! We are SO proud of him!!!

He’s very much looking forward to graduating, and earning a ton of money. There’s a huge shortage of welders in our country. The guy at the welding supply store told him he should apply to the local electric company. He can start out making almost $100K/year there. Max is interested in working as a welder for the railroad, or starting his own welding business to work for boat owners. There’s a huge need for marine welders in this area as well.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the adorable thing Max made on his second day of school. Awe!!!! 😉 Ha ha ha.

When the shutdown happened a few weeks ago, welding school was online only. Max has been reading and writing papers on the theory of welding. The school opened back up this week and, for the first two days, Max was the only student who showed up. Today, thankfully, another student did. They expect more to start trickling in. I’m very happy about that because I was worried they would simply cancel the class. Max did so well using the “cutter” on his first two days of class that the instructor let him teach the new student what he’d learned.

I have to go now. There’s a gnat in here that is apparently faster and smarter than I am and he is driving me INSANE!! I’m going to put down my laptop and attempt to “clap” him into oblivion. Arrrghh!!!


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One Response to "Look What Max Made on His Second Day of (Welding) School! Awe!!"

  1. Pamela Allegretto  May 8, 2020 at 2:59 pm

    I think it’s great that Max is becoming a welder. The trades: plumbers, electricians, welders, etc. are always in demand no matter what is happening with the economy. And the bonus is that he can use his skill to feed his artistic side as well. Cheers to Max!
    I hope you got the gnat!