Homeschooling Shenanigans

Homeschooling Shenanigans

As most of you know, we homeschool our two youngest children. The other ones are adults now. Each Monday, Max (age 14) and Mason (age 9) are given their lessons for the week. They have colorful folders for each day of the week, and a large folder to keep those in, as well as workbooks, reading books, and supplies. It works out pretty well…most of the time.

After visiting the Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida a couple of weeks ago, we ordered that old mini-series called Holocaust, starring Meryl Streep, James Woods, and a bunch of other people who didn’t make it as big as they did. I remember our family gathering around the TV back in the last 70’s to watch that 9+ hour drama.

We found the DVDs for sale online, and ordered them for the boys. We thought it would be a treat for them this week to watch that each afternoon, after math, keyboarding, reading and language arts.

During the entire four hours we’ve watched so far, Mason was bored out of his mind, staring at the ceiling, yawning loudly, and at times even turning himself upside-down on the sofa to watch TV. Max, on the other hand, who has studied WWII and the Holocaust extensively, spent his time pointing out historical inaccuracies in the show (mostly about the weapons they used). He also found an error in the show where a Nazi officer cocked open a gun, and there was no ammunition in it. He then pulled the trigger…but it still fired.

I wasn’t sure which was more entertaining. The show itself (which I realized I barely remembered) or the boys’ reactions to it.


Both Max and Mason see a math tutor twice each week. They also have math lessons daily, which are timed. Mason took FOREVER on one of his lessons this week. This morning, when checking his work, I found the following note on page one of that lesson, which he left for his math tutor:

“Note: Sorry, my brother is very distracting. -Mason”

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