Making The Kids Wait. Heh…

Making The Kids Wait. Heh…

I finally gave in last weekend, and let the boys put up the Halloween decorations. The china cabinet is now full of my horror babies, faux fall leaf garlands are hung here and there, and skeletons, witches, and other ghouls grace every corner.

Now, they are begging me to take them to Spirit Halloween, which just opened up in town. Each year, we visit that store three or four times. At least Mason (age 8) is no longer afraid to step in the front door. We don’t usually buy anything (we have PLENTY of Halloween decorations!). We just like to go and look at the animatronic creatures and monsters, push the buttons, get a little chill up our spines, and laugh at some of the funny costumes.

When I told them they’d need to wait until October 1st, holy cow, you’d think I’d told them I was canceling our cable service! While I can’t even glance at the Christmas decorations already filling the local craft store, neither can I step foot in a Halloween store until October.

In the meantime, Max and Mason are hard at work with homeschooling arts and crafts, making even more Halloween decorations! 🙂


Mason was playing pretend the other day, running around the living room with his arms flailing and mouth squealing. His Sonic the Hedgehog toy had whizzed by my head several times already.

When I finally told him to tone it down, he stopped, and quietly said, “Sorry. I was overreacting.”

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