It’s a GIRL!!! Awe!!!! (Does anybody know what breed mix she is?!)

It’s a GIRL!!! Awe!!!! (Does anybody know what breed mix she is?!)

We are THRILLED to announce the newest edition to our family! This is our new Grandpuppy, Opal. She is part Boxer, part Hound Dog, part Weimaraner, part Rhodesian Ridgeback, and part of about 15 other breeds. The lady at Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue (which is also where we got Coco) took pictures of Opal’s face and pulled them up on an app that tells the dog’s probable breed. Ha ha ha. She took several pictures and the app kept giving her different results. The one consistent one was Bull Dog and you can definitely see that in Opal’s face.

Opal is two months old. She only barks when she sees really big dogs and she has the most adorable, high-pitched, baby bark!! She loves all humans and, when you approach her, she throws herself onto her back, wiggles her legs, and begs for a belly rub. She is very good at butt sniffing but our dog Coco, is much taller so that butt is a bit difficult to reach.

We and our son, Frank, are head over heels in love with this sweet, cuddly, adorable little lady! As you can see, we’ve gone a bit nuts with the photographs. 😉


A NEW FAMILY MEMBER!!! (Click here to see a puppy SMILING HUGE!)

What Will CocoPuff Eat Next?!

Coco’s Getting BIG!!!

Coco the Dog Warns Us of Trouble to Come!

R.I.P., Percy. 🙁

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2 Responses to "It’s a GIRL!!! Awe!!!! (Does anybody know what breed mix she is?!)"

  1. Linda Johnson  April 22, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Opal looks like a wonderful dog in the picture. The pictures are nice.

    Dogs are wonderful pets.

    She looks content.

    Her heritage is a Mix. The major breed could be her heritage. If it is mostly Bull Dog, she could

    be a Bull Dog mix.

    Maybe there is a test for her heritage to be known.

  2. Pamela Allegretto  January 26, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    She’s adorable! Sounds like she lucked into the perfect family.