High Winds, Torrential Rain, and SNOW!!!

High Winds, Torrential Rain, and SNOW!!!

That huge storm system that blew through the country the other day brought extremely high winds to Sand Mountain. In the middle of the night, it sounded like the roof was going to come off. Our small attic entrance door in the ceiling of our bedroom closet was moving up and down from the suction caused by the wind. It rained so hard that one of our upstairs exterior doors leaked into the basement. Brian is going to re-caulk that today.

The next morning, we had a beautiful snow shower. That night, the wind had calmed a bit and we got more snow. The morning after that, the deck was covered in ice. Our big dog, Tank, LOVES snow and ice! He walks all over the deck, licking up the snow, and munching on the ice. He will even pound his paw on the ice to break it up so he can eat it. Then, he pees for hours and hours. That’s why we don’t let him do that near bedtime. 😉

Tomorrow night, we’re getting the same thing. One hundred percent chance of rain and then mixed precipitation along with high winds. We’re also supposed to get snow on Tuesday and Thursday. Yea!!!

The nice thing about snow in Georgia is it usually melts quickly. It doesn’t last until June like it did when we lived in Maine.

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