Back to (Home)School!

Back to (Home)School!

Max and Mason have started another year of homeschooling! Yea!! This year, we’re trying a few new things. For the past few years, I have created their curriculum each year. That is a LOT of work and this year I sought help. We found an online school that is flexible and very entertaining so we’re going to try that for awhile to see how it goes. We have also signed them up for a local math program just to ensure we’re not missing anything. Nothing’s worse for a student than having gaps in the steps of learning math! They’re also going to be attending a weekly homeschooling class at a museum. If we have any spare time, we also might join 4H but we will NOT be raising any farm animals. Period!

Since they’re taking classes online, Richard had to dig out one of our old computers, and refurbish it for Mason (age 7), who has very little computer experience (but he can work an iPad like nobody’s business!). This morning, the printer started humming. Usually, when that happens, Frank breezes in, pulls a college homework assignment off it, and disappears back to his room. This morning, when the printer started humming, I was shocked when Mason walked in, and pulled a piece of paper from it! When did he learn how to print?! Wow!!!! He then said, “Hmmm, it’s not big enough. I need to figure out how to make this picture bigger…” Still mumbling to himself, he walked back to his room. Our new little geek! We couldn’t be more proud!!!

Max was not as excited about the new school year as Mason but he came around pretty quickly when he saw how cool the assignments are in the online classes. They’re all animated and interactive. For example, in the sample lessons I reviewed, a cartoon woman was standing there holding a frog while talking to the student. Very cute. There’s also loud applause when they answer a question correctly. Whenever Mason hears that, he gets excited, and fists pumps in the air. The system also tracks the students’ scores, and provides printable reports for their portfolios. Of course, there are also worksheets that must be printed and completed by hand and Max will be writing reports as well. So, the #2 pencils won’t be gathering any dust!

For arts and crafts this week, the boys are making Halloween decorations. I told them it’s fine to go ahead and start decorating the house now. After all, we are Halloween fanatics!! This morning, a large family of black paper bats appeared on our living room wall. I think I need to call the exterminator…

This week’s Masonism:

The other night, Richard gave Mason and Max a kiss goodnight. Mason said, “Hey! Your mustache gave me a bunch of prinkles!”

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