9-VOLT BATTERY EMERGENCY? How Our Family and Friends Fared in Hurricane Ian

9-VOLT BATTERY EMERGENCY? How Our Family and Friends Fared in Hurricane Ian

We have been praying since last week for everyone in Florida. It was difficult to work on Wednesday because I was so worried about our son, daughter in law, and three year old grandson. Aside from some trees and signs being down, and losing power (which they may not get back for a few days), they fared well.

Brian’s brother and sister in law, located on the east side of Tampa Bay, were also fine.

My best friend, Cindy, and her family live in St. Petersburg. She kept me updated throughout the storm (because I was a nervous wreck!), including sending me humorous messages about the meals she was cooking, what her family members were doing, her nutty neighbor, and a funny text about the tree limb that hit their door, and kept knocking on it. She thought it clearly wanted to come inside! Love that chick!!

Anyway, her neighbors across the street lost power but her side of the street did not. She said her nutty neighbor accused her of paying the power company extra to keep her electricity on. I responded with this:

I think you should mess with her. Tell her, yes, you send Duke Energy an extra $5.00 a month. It’s called the “Keep Us On” program. Tell her to Google it. When she says she can’t find it, tell her to use a different browser.


She then said her other neighbor called asking if she had a 9-volt battery. The woman’s husband sits in one of those recliners that uses gears when you hit a button, and stands itself up so you can get out of it easier. Apparently, the battery died and her hubby couldn’t get out of his chair to go to bed.

Cindy met her in the middle of the street, during the hurricane, to give her a 9-volt battery. And, that is just one reason I adore her so much! She will literally do anything for anybody in need. 🙂

Here in northwest Georgia, the strong winds actually started two days, before the storm hit Florida. Even if we didn’t have satellites and the Internet, we’d have known something bad was coming along. I’m sure everybody in Florida would have known as well.

Did you see the pictures and videos of the water getting sucked out of Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay? That happened in Tampa Bay just before Hurricane Irma hit. Maybe, back in the day, that was how God warned people that a big, bad hurricane was imminent. I’ll have to ask God that question some day. I have LOTS of questions for him. And, the older I get, the more I have! I should really start writing them down… 😉


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  1. Pamela Allegretto  October 1, 2022 at 1:54 pm

    I’m glad to know that you are now on a mountain top and out of harm’s way.