How to Find Freelance Writing Clients on Etsy – by Jessy Faraday

How to Find Freelance Writing Clients on Etsy – by Jessy Faraday

Etsy is a great marketplace for anyone looking to buy unique, handmade goods. It’s an equally thriving platform for sellers who can showcase their products to the right buyers. But crafting products (that are eye-catching and worth buying) takes a lot of time, focus, and hard work. That’s why Etsy sellers might rarely give attention to writing captivating content for their own businesses.

Copywriting isn’t their domain. It’s yours! While many of them might write product listings on their own, there’s a chance that they might hire someone else to do all the “text” work for them. Small business owners who have recently launched their Etsy shop are your main clients here. As newbies on this platform, they are usually open to content writing ideas to increase their sales.

Not sure how to approach them? I’ll guide you.

Writing services you can offer to Etsy sellers:
As a freelance writer, you can offer various forms of writing services to Etsy sellers who have just started out. Since they are still beginners, they might have limited content available on their website or online shop. You can offer to write blog posts, web pages, product descriptions, social media posts, and email newsletters for them.

You can also offer SEO services to help them achieve high traffic to their Etsy shop. These keyword techniques will further help you out.

A complete process: How to reach Etsy sellers:
Cold pitching is the only way to approach them. It isn’t as hard as it seems. I’ll explain.

Step 1: Visit and select a niche (e.g. home décor): You can do this by inserting the right keywords. You’ll now see a lot of Etsy sellers’ shops belonging to that niche. Make sure to select the niche that you’re already an expert in. This is important because you’ll have to show them your samples within the same niche.

Step 2: Find Etsy sellers that have scored limited sales: Remember that their low sales can be the reason why they might need your writing services (i.e. to attract new customers). You can find Etsy shops with limited sales by looking into Etsy Community Forums. These forums are specifically designed for Etsy shop owners who are going through growth challenges, and are currently seeking advice from other Etsy sellers on how to grow their businesses. Explore the discussion threads, and reach their online shop. Another way to find new Etsy sellers is to look for sellers with limited reviews.

Step 3: Contact them wisely. Once you’re there, please do not use the “Contact shop owner” option at all! That’s because Etsy will temporarily block your account if you send commercial messages to sellers. Instead, you should contact the seller on Facebook, or on their website. If their Facebook page or email address isn’t available on their shop, just copy the shop’s name, and google it. You might get their Facebook, Instagram, or even a website on Google search results.

Step 4: Check their website and see what’s missing: Does their blog section seem non-existent? If yes, you can offer your blog writing services to them. Also, do check their Etsy shop. If their product descriptions don’t look too appealing to the target audience, this is the right time to approach them with your product description service.

Step 5: Write a pitch that converts. After finalizing your offering, you can craft a customized pitch. It should make them believe that you’ll help increase their Etsy sales. Write a short, to-the-point pitch if you’re contacting sellers on their Facebook page. However, you’ll have to write a slightly longer proposal if you are sending your pitch via email.

Why persistence matters the most on Etsy:
Landing clients has never been easy for anyone. The same is true when you’re pitching to Etsy sellers. But, what makes you unique is how persistent you are. Here’s a tip: Just don’t research and approach clients for a day and expect all clients to come in. It requires persistence.

You’ll come across some Etsy sellers who’d nicely say that they don’t need any content to be done right now, but might definitely need your writing services in the future. That’s still a green light. You can follow up with these potential clients after a week or two.

The takeaway:
Of course, that’s not it. Scoring a couple of clients on Etsy shouldn’t end your freelancing journey on this platform. Working for the first few Etsy sellers is worth cherishing. You can expand your client base even further by asking for referrals from your existing Etsy clients. That way, you can showcase your work to new Etsy sellers, and eventually write for them as well.


Jessy Faraday believes that words can influence people, decisions, directions, and above all: the readers! With the passion to explore writing opportunities, she feels joy in discovering the writing landscapes. She loves to be on the hunt to make her freelancing career remarkable so others can also be inspired.