What Our Readers Said About: “A radio talk show host saw my book and wants to interview me. Should I be leery?”

What Our Readers Said About: “A radio talk show host saw my book and wants to interview me. Should I be leery?”

Readers’ Comments about: “A radio talk show host saw my book and wants to interview me. Should I be leery?”

Several years ago, I did a 20- or 30-minute interview with KUOW, the local public radio station in Seattle. I got a few emails and phone calls from it but not many sales. What was great was that the interview was taped and edited, so I actually came across sounding halfway intelligent. About a year later, a radio show out of Florida did a phone interview with me. That interview was live and lasted a full hour. God only knows how many stupid things I said, but the good news (?) is that nobody in their right mind would have listened to me for an hour, so probably few people heard me flub. Of course, I doubt I got a single sale out of it. There was no cost to me, though, and it was kind of fun to do.

Johnny Townsend
A Day at the Temple
Lying for the Lord
The Gay Mormon Quilter’s Club

I’m a true crime author and I’ve been contacted by radio hosts in the U.S. and Canada to do interviews on their shows on a number of occasions. I’ve never run into any type of scam.

Linda Rosencrance

Same here, Linda. No problems from my end. I just never got many sales from a radio spot, though. It is a great chance to speak on the air, however.

Wendy Jones
Highlander Imagine – Beyond Infinity
Duncan MacLeod must fight a South American Immortal at Teotihuacan.

Readers’ Comments about: World’s Worst Query Letters and Book Proposals For April, 2019!

My take on these queries, first of all, is that they seem to be written by persons whose first language is not English. They remind me of the impossible-to-decipher assembly directions that come with products manufactured in China. Okay, so I can give them a pass on English usage but the mystery for me is why would anyone want to write for a market that is 100% in a language for which they have little or no proficiency? That is like my thinking I have valuable info to share with readers who speak only Farsi. I don’t speak a word of Farsi but with a crash course I’m sure I can learn enough to enable me to write absolutely scintillating articles to inform the masses. Not! There seem to be a lot of big egos involved, too…but perhaps that’s another story. Having said all that, I get a weird, head-shaking kind of pleasure from reading these awful queries. Thank you!

Glenna Murdock

At 4AM with a tall glass of brandy, World’s Worst Query Letters is often the best part of that day.

Seamus OBrog

Wow, those statements by the various “authors” are astounding. It’s a journey for all of us and if we assume we have the next best seller or that we don’t have to do our part in helping the editor, it will be a tough row to hoe for that author or writer. As an illustrator, I’ve had a lot of frustration with authors who want to hire me and pay me after the book is published, when their little amazing gem is making its millions. As a writer, I’ve had to keep learning and embrace the hard work. It’s kind of like being a gardener, one has to keep weeding out what doesn’t belong. Thank you for sharing this and other posts. They give me hope for my writing.

Valery Larson

This feature never fails to inspire me in my own writing when I feel doubts crowding my confidence.


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