What Our Readers Said About: “WHY WON’T YOU PUBLISH MY BOOK FOR FREE?” – A Behind the Scenes Look at a Publisher’s Expenses

What Our Readers Said About: “WHY WON’T YOU PUBLISH MY BOOK FOR FREE?” – A Behind the Scenes Look at a Publisher’s Expenses

Comments and Letters About: “WHY WON’T YOU PUBLISH MY BOOK FOR FREE?” – A Behind the Scenes Look at a Publisher’s Expenses


How do you do it for so little cost to the author?


Reply from Angela Hoy – Publisher of WritersWeekly.com and President of BookLocker

As stated in the article, we keep our belts tight. As most readers know, we live on a boat (it’s a spiritual thing for me – see: https://gotnotanlines.com), not a mansion (contrary to some of our high-priced competitors). We practice minimalism, which means living on as few material things as possible. Those serve only to stress people and we really didn’t need all that “stuff” we had when we lived dirt. Of course, living this way means we can afford to work for our authors for less. We don’t hire cheap overseas labor. All of our employees and contractors work out of their homes as well because we insist our team be available for their children at all times. We pay our folks well because they treat our authors so well. They are extremely loyal because their work environment is so relaxed. They are on flex-time. The rule is, as long as you do your job well, and on time, you can work whatever hours of the day you choose. We also give them generous vacation time, family leave, and we pay for 14 holidays each year, including each employee’s birthday. We don’t have a high-rise office, warehouses, and boring conference rooms. I abhorred the corporate world! I have never been one to conform to “society’s standards” and it works! BookLocker continues to grow each year because we offer the highest quality services at the lowest prices, we don’t upsell authors on garbage, and we have an outstanding reputation because every BookLocker author is considered family. 🙂

– Angela Hoy
President & CEO
Abuzz Press

Hi, Angela,

I admire your humane corporate philosophy. Employees are people, not cows to be milked dry. And thank you for the peek behind the publishing curtain. Very insightful.


-Bryan June

I can’t even imagine why anyone would think their book should be published free. Good for you for practicing “minimalism”, the world would be a better place if everyone lived that way. Thank you for your contribution to sensible living. We are old hippies (old being the key word) and a hippie motto is not to be materialistic. Buying our home 43 years ago is the only debt we’ve ever had. Keep up your good work, Angela. I always enjoy reading your interesting articles.

– Judy Pearce


Thank you for this informative article which could be entitled, ‘How Every (good) Business Runs’. Whether its a business with one employee and a lot of outsourcing or multiple employees and everything is kept in-house, the same basic tasks must be performed for the majority of industries. There is no free ride.

-Wendy Jones
Highlander Imagine: Beyond Infinity
Highlander Imagine: For Love’s Sake
Code Name: Immortal

Oh – P.S.
This article should be posted on a yearly basis for everyone’s benefit.

 Well said, Angela. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. 🙂 I appreciate all Booklocker.com does for me, and I’m happy to pay my share.
– Chris NorburyStraight River (Matt Lanier, #1)

Castle Danger (Matt Lanier, #2)

I think most of us knew some of this, but I doubt many of us knew all of the different things you guys have to do. I’m sorry so many people these days will complain about almost anything. I expect in the ten years I’ve worked with you that I made a stupid complaint or two myself. I want to apologize for that. While I recognized from the start you guys were the right choice for me, with each successive book, I have the same epiphany again and again. You guys rock!

– Johnny Townsend


I agree with Johnny Townsend: You guys rock!

– Pamela Allegretto

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
Two women clash in World War 2 Nazi-occupied Rome.

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