The Nicest Response to a Rejection Letter Ever!

Dear Angela,

I have now had a few hours to think about your response to my inquiry. I want to thank you so much for having the integrity to turn down my novel.

This is my first book and I have been to several self book publishers in search of some help. Every one of them just asked what level I wanted to sign up for. Some of them became quite annoying and I was sorry I gave them my phone number.
Your company ( is the only one who actually had any guidelines on content. I have been working on my manuscript for about three years. Because of your letter, I am now going to start over and re-write my work as a tribute to my hero. I will also do what I can to get in touch with whomever I mention. I will make my novel something that my hero’s loved ones will cherish. I would never want to hurt anyone. So when I’m done can I re-contact you?

Thank you,

Publisher’s Note: The book was rejected because it mentioned actual deceased persons and we felt the content of the book may offend the family members of those persons. Since the author agreed, and was happy to revamp the book, we, of course, told her we’d take another look when she’s finished.