Letters and Comments For 04/15/2016

Letters and Comments For 04/15/2016

COMMENTS on:  When Your Child Gets Caught in an Ocean Current…

As much as I love water, I think I’ll stick to boating on lakes – even though I’ve experienced scary winds, water swells, and sand bar instances on large lakes. I almost drowned when I was a little girl as I worked my way off a sand bar on Lake Huron. Be safe with your new boat adventures, Angela.



Ahoy Matey, It’s all in a cruising day’s work! Love this, Angela. I’ve been in and around and across Tampa Bay many times during my travels on our 32-foot DownEast Chip Ahoy. Perhaps someday we’ll go sailing together – and compare notes on anchoring. We hang the chain on a big CQR deployed with a windlass. Much less apt to drag. Mooring balls are perfect for a good night’s sleep, too! Looking forward to more Adventures in Boating.

Cyndi Perkins


Got caught up in one of those as a young kid swimming somewhere off Corpus Christi and at 72 still remember the fear! Hollered and hollered but no one could hear me! Very strange! Whatever current it was that ìhad meî then apparently played itself out. I swam back to the shore. Still terrified! And despite four years in the Navy in early 20s, I have NEVER been swimming off-shore again!

Dan Bodine


What an exciting weekend! I commend your tenacity to have endured that experience and are still willing to go boat shopping! Cheers!

Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams


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