When Your Kids Buy Their Own Boat – Whoop!

We owned boats when we lived in Texas years ago. We were lucky. They were used often and they didn’t break down. The first was a Cal 25 (a sailboat) and the next was a large boat that was too much boat. We sold it. The next was just right – a cheap, small fishing boat that never broke down.

Ever since we moved to Florida, the kids have wanted us to buy another boat. We have a boat lift by the saltwater canal in the backyard and we’re one of the only ones in the neighborhood without a motorized vessel (we have a kayak). While I love boating, I wasn’t too excited about spending the money on another boat, no matter how cheap.

I was kind of hoping one of our adult children would eventually buy one. Turns out my patience paid off! Ali and Justin bought a 19-foot boat last weekend. They then drove it through the bay, and right to our backyard!

We all got on board, and took a beautiful sunset ride. It was so much fun! Of course, we’re gonna have to get Mason a lifejacket that fits…

The boat has 16 fishing pole holders so Justin said they’re gonna need more poles. The good news is there was a great white shark spotted about 3 miles offshore here last week so we’re sharpening our hooks! 😉

This Week’s Masonism:

Frank (age 21) has been putting away every spare dollar so he can buy his dream car someday. He’s doing a great job, too! Mason was walking through the room when we were discussing it, and called over his shoulder in a sing-song voice, “Money plus car equals no money.”

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