Great Timing! Getting And Giving A Second Chance

Every once in a while you send a newsletter that is just rightly timed!

Regarding your article about going back and asking for a second chance – a couple years ago the program Growing Bolder (on PBS TV AND NPR) approached me about telling story of my book and what I do. I didn’t do it because, when I looked at the TV program, most of their BOLD OLD PEOPLE did things like waterskiing at 85 in their bare feet and such – preposterous. Later I realized that their radio version (less visual) boldsters included quite a few authors but I didn’t feel good about going back to that nice editor. Now I WILL!!

Your article on selling coursework absolutely fit in with conversation I had one weekend when my English teacher grandson visited me with his wife and my second great grandchild. Someone had told him there was money to be made selling lesson plans, and he is (from all I can tell) a very gifted teacher and able to “reach” kids, from underachieving 9th graders to gifted honors students, with his lessons. This article is yet another possible way for him to go, having just finished his MFA, and I’m sending it to him – so thanks for that as well.



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