Does Your Child’s School Own Your Child’s Writing?

Hi Angela,

Back in November my son’s school sent me this form to sign and I refused. They wanted claim not only over my son’s work – but mine as well! Everyone laughed at me and called me paranoid, but then you posted your article. Not so paranoid anymore. Thank you!

Here is the language the district used:

“Consent to the use, release, and/or publication by the District of my and/or my child’s name, image (in any form) and creative work through any medium whatsoever, including but not limited to, the internet, written publication, and broadcast for any educational, editorial, promotional, business or other purpose without prior notice or compensation. The District may exercise its rights as it deems appropriate for its productions, for advertising, and for other purposes. By signing below, I intend for the District to rely upon this Release”

Scary stuff, huh?

Best regards,