Another Self-publishing Success Story!

Hi Angela,

That’s cool about the wedding and glad it went so great. Congratulations to everyone for this happy event. Thanks for sharing a picture of the lovely bride and handsome groom! I always enjoy hearing more about your family.

I read about Chuck Waldron’s success landing a traditional publisher. That’s wonderful for him.

I just got my rights back for all three books from Samhain Publishing. My seven year contracts were up and I could have continued with them but really, why, when I’m making more as a self-published author. I also got my rights back from Desert Breeze, Whimsical Publications and Victory Tales Press.

I did a BookBub ad for my first book in my Amish series and the results have been amazing. My Amish books are doing the best and I love having the control. I might submit someday again to a traditional publisher but I’ve already made more from being an Indie author than I ever did with my traditional published books. But, it’s not for everyone.

Diane Craver
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