DON’T BE DUMB: How to Instantly Alienate Half of Your Fiction Readers – In The News – 09/16/2023

DON’T BE DUMB: How to Instantly Alienate Half of Your Fiction Readers – In The News – 09/16/2023

If you write woke (or even not!) in your fiction, you might just go broke. How about just offering people entertainment?
Latest James Bond novel mocked as woke for having anti-trans, Trump-associated villain
“The woke create these idiotic straw men out of anyone who doesn’t think exactly like them, then imagine them to be the supervillains plotting to destroy the world…”

It’s disgusting to see academics acting so petty and vindictive.
Coach Joe Kennedy was ‘banned from team meal,’ was ‘ostracized’ when he returned to football job: lawyer
“…they wouldn’t give him a locker, his key fob wouldn’t work, they wouldn’t let him get in to certain meetings…”

How can we trust a government that doesn’t trust us with the truth?
Biden administration violated First Amendment over COVID-19 content on social media, court of appeals rules
“The ruling said the administration ‘coerced the platforms to make their moderation decisions by way of intimidating messages and threats of adverse consequences…'”

This should scare the hell out of everybody.
Tech company boasts its AI can predict crime with social media policing while fighting Meta in court
“Our constitution requires law enforcement to get a warrant prior to searching the public, but increasingly police and prosecutors just buy our data instead.”

A reporter wakes up.
Skeptical journalist ‘shocked’ by sex-ed book for children: ‘Eye-popping’
“On virtually every page I stopped to examine, I was confronted with detailed drawings of genitals. It felt like every page had a cartoon of a naked body.”

I no longer trust scientists or “experts.”
California scientist says he ‘left out the full truth’ to get climate change wildfire study published
“Brown wrote that the study didn’t look at poor forest management and other factors that are just as important to fire behavior because he ‘knew that it would detract from the clean narrative centered on the negative impact of climate change…'”

Bullying social media worked for them. Why not try it on the news media?
White House sends letter to news execs urging outlets to ‘ramp up’ scrutiny of GOP’s Biden impeachment inquiry ‘based on lies’
“Covering impeachment as a process story – Republicans say X, but the White House says Y – is a disservice to the American public who relies on the independent press to hold those in power accountable,’ Sams wrote.”

AI is simply going to destroy the line between the truth and everything else.
Journal forced to unpublish paper after authors are caught using ChatGPT to write it
“David Bimler, a researcher who also hunts for fake papers, said many reviewers do not have the time to spot sometimes subtle hints that AI was used in a paper.”

Who is being programmed – AI or us?
Troubling trend of woke AI is a big threat to free speech
“There will be no one version of GPT that the world ever agrees is unbiased… The bias I am most nervous about is the bias of the human feedback raters.”


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