Self-publishing May Be the Last Bastion of Free Speech

Self-publishing May Be the Last Bastion of Free Speech

WARNING: If you are highly sensitive, this article may trigger you. If that is the case, click the back arrow in your browser now.

A BookLocker author sent me a 7-paragraph message this morning that included this:
“Self-publishing may be the last bastion of free speech.”

He has been shopping a new manuscript to traditional publishers, and said some now have verbiage in their guidelines saying that they won’t accept any manuscripts that don’t have any LGBTQ characters. Some only accept manuscripts with a conservative slant and some with only a liberal slant (yes, we’re talking about FICTION). Some require at least some major characters to be people of color. The list goes on and on.

The L.A. Times has “LGBTQ style guidelines.” Many paying political markets for writers will only accept articles that sway one way or the other. Don’t even THINK of agreeing with the “other side” on any topic, nor trying to find some middle ground.

Some paying religious markets for writers will only accept very specific content. The same thing applies to anti-religion publications.

Even if you’re a mid-leaning writer, your publisher or editor might edit out parts of your manuscript or article that don’t conform to their specific ideas and opinions.

While every publisher has the right to choose what their readers read, there is a lot of censorship going on now, to the point where they want to remove some of the classics from the market, which is ludicrous. We are supposed to learn from history, not erase it.

At BookLocker, if your book has LGBTQ characters, that’s fine. If it doesn’t, that’s fine, too.

If your book leans to the left, great. If it leans to the right, also great.

If your book is about Christianity, awesome. Judaism? Also awesome. Islam? We’re totally cool with that, too.

As long as your book is well-written, does not contain hate speech (about any group), has a viable market, and doesn’t teach people how to perform illegal acts, we will publish it.

You CAN write a book with a political slant without forgetting your manners when discussing the “other side.” That’s called professionalism.

Some publishing companies have political correctness (PC) screeners who look for any and all words and phrases that might offend somebody. Even software companies are getting in on the game. NEWS FLASH: In this day and age, you’re going to offend somebody. That doesn’t mean you need to outright insult them, of course, but you can’t write anything today without offending SOMEBODY.

If this article has set off any triggers for you, you’ll be fine. I promise.


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