OUCH! Some So-Called “Authors” Should NOT Be Writing Books! By Angela Hoy

OUCH! Some So-Called “Authors” Should NOT Be Writing Books! By Angela Hoy

At BookLocker, I receive and review book manuscripts every single day from the U.S. and all over the world. I can usually tell within the first paragraph or two if the author can string words together in a cohesive, intelligible, and, when required, entertaining manner. Of course, this doesn’t mean those authors can carry an entire story from one chapter to another. In this context, I’m strictly talking about basic writing skills.

Yes, after reading just one or two paragraphs, I can determine if an author can write, or if they can’t. After reviewing thousands of manuscripts over the past 18 years, it’s not difficult. If the two random paragraphs I choose to read first are well-written, I’ll keep reading. If those two paragraphs are poorly written, or are otherwise unintelligible (see examples at the link below), I may stop reading right then, and send a rejection. I’m very busy and I don’t have time to read entire chapters of poor writing when I know I’ll be rejecting the manuscript anyway.

The majority of authors’ work that I see generally fall into one of four categories. Depending on which category the work falls into, I will accept, reconsider at a later date, or outright reject it:

We receive really good manuscripts all the time! Authors shouldn’t avoid BookLocker just because they fear rejection. The best authors are their own most stringent critics. They also have some modesty (are humble, not big-headed), are professional, and friendly. THOSE are the authors we’re looking for! We prefer not to work with narcissists . We say it right on the “Reasons Not To Work With Us ” section on our website –  “We, unfortunately, don’t work with jerks. If you are a jerk, you’d be better served by one of our competitors.”

Over the years, we’ve found that statement only offends jerks. People who AREN’T jerks love it!

Basically, if you’re a good writer, are a nice person, are professional, and if you want to sell books, please contact me! You’re our favorite kind of author!

Some authors submit great writing with a few punctuation errors and typos. I will alert them that their manuscript needs some work, but that we’re still interested.

There are some authors who write well, but who have numerous, repeating errors that tell me they really weren’t paying attention in school…but they can still convey a meaningful and understandable message, or tell a good tale. Missing punctuation, run-on sentences, repeated misuse of common words (i.e. lightning vs. lightening, its vs. it’s), etc.

It’s clear that these authors will not be able to self-edit their manuscript because they do not have the education or experience required in order to recognize errors in writing, especially in their own. I tell these folks that I will only review their manuscript again in the future if they have it professionally edited. Self-editing isn’t acceptable in these cases because they don’t have the knowledge to do it correctly. If they then ask for more information, I send them a list of great freelance editors so they can get quotes. (We make no money whatsoever for referring authors to those editors)

It’s sad but it’s so true. There are some folks who write so poorly, and who are obviously so uneducated, that, unless they go back and start all over in elementary school, they will never be a successful, professional writer. For some examples, look HERE . I send these “authors” a simple rejection letter, telling them we’re not interested. I don’t refer them to anyone else and I don’t encourage them to keep trying. (Unfortunately, many of our competitors DO take money from these authors, and put those bad books on the market, which can lead to a ton of embarrassment for the “author.” Sadly, most of our competitors don’t seem to care about their own reputations either.)

If I was truly honest, and told them to give up the craft, or to go to back to school (some of these folks literally need to start all over at the Kindergarten level), I would be harassed for eternity. Most people simply can’t accept or comprehend the truth and, no matter how reasonable or gentle your message to them is, they will never believe it and they will hate you for delivering it. They may even try to destroy your reputation online through libelous, anonymous posts.

I really never know how someone is going to react to rejection. One author I rejected years ago threatened to commit suicide. Others have flown into a rage, lashing out with ridiculous accusations and threats, all because I refused to take money from them, and refused to put a really bad book on the market. I learned long ago that some people simply have no backbone. Rather than risk an ongoing feud caused by a detailed, honest rejection, a generic “no thank you” is safer for the publisher, and is more palatable for the “author.”

If someone asks me for an honest opinion of their writing, I’ll give it to them. But, even some of those folks get hostile after I do exactly as they asked. Please don’t think I’m offering to review anybody and everybody’s writing. I don’t have time to do that. I only give honest feedback on request to manuscripts submitted to BookLocker. I wish I could offer a free writing critique service to all but, with running the business, writing my own books, and caring for our family, I just don’t have the time.

If you want to submit your manuscript to BookLocker, click HERE . If it is rejected, and if you then send a request for my honest opinion of your writing, I will give it to you. 🙂



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4 Responses to "OUCH! Some So-Called “Authors” Should NOT Be Writing Books! By Angela Hoy"

  1. Danie  July 2, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    Aww, come on Angela. There’s always Amazon’s Kindle:) There are so many dogs with fleas and ticks among the few good writers I want to call the Humane Society…oh, that’s right, they don’t take people.

  2. Nancy A. Black  June 30, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    Great article! I just forced myself to read a book by a local author, displayed at our library. It was bad and published by one of your competitors. It was touted as a Christian book, if that tells you anything, and used our local county as the locale. It was bad. Author used wrong words, slipped in some names of local businesses but had the county sheriff investigating a murder happening in the city, where we have an active police force. There were a few paragraphs that read as though they had been professionally edited but they were buried in the book and were inconsistent with the overall editorial status of the book. The blurbs touting it as a great read, the author as someone who could write, etc., were embarrassing to read.

  3. joe sixpak  June 30, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Most people can not write.
    Most of those who can write can not write well.
    Most of those who can write well have nothing to say.
    Most of us have no interest in what those writers who do have to say.

    Writing is HARD to do.
    VERY hard to do well.

    Public schools must do a great job making kids feel good about themselves if we have so many incompetent idiots thinking they are authors.

  4. pamelaallegretto  June 30, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Your ethical practice in not taking money from every aspiring writer is one of the many reasons I chose to submit my work to BookLocker (http://publishing.booklocker.com). Happily, you accepted my work. Had you not, I would not have held you responsible for a flawed manuscript.

    – Pamela Allegretto
    Bridge of Sighs and Dreams