For Christmas, Richard bought me a green fishing light for the backyard. Now, after dark, we can see a variety of beautiful fish and other marine critters under the water. Every night, there’s something different or new.
A couple of weeks ago, a snook came by…

QUERY LETTERS THAT WORKED! Real Queries That Landed $2K+ Writing Assignments

Dear Ms. Hoy,
Thank you VERY much for your insight and advice! I found the information on how to send out a query for an article to be extremely helpful (I was doin’ it wrong). I got my first yes! I think I will plaster IT to my wall instead of the rejections letters!
Very Respectfully,
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Secure Interview Before Query or Vice-Versa?
More World’s Worst Book Proposals and Query Letters!
Query Rejected? You May Not Have to Take No for an Answer
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Hunting For Non-listed Publishers Helped Me Land A Traditional Publishing Contract! By Barb Adams

The day finally arrived. My polished non-fiction book proposal needed a royalty publisher. There was more than one direction my proposed manuscript could go, and I wanted to secure a publisher before completing the book so I could adapt to that publisher’s style.
Somewhere I’d heard the idea of hunting through specialty bookstores and book catalogues for newer or unlisted publishers. The idea was to search for titles that didn’t compete, but were similar enough in topic that your own title would complement their list.
But I didn’t start out looking for a publisher that way. You might say I went around the barn…

Spring Cleaning (Ug!!)

I’m not a huge fan of housework but I do enjoy a good materialistic purge. Last weekend, I started on one corner of the house, intending to keep moving until I had finished the entire house. My intentions were good…

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