BookLocker Does Print on Demand (POD) the RIGHT Way! Traditional Publishers May NOT!

BookLocker Does Print on Demand (POD) the RIGHT Way! Traditional Publishers May NOT!

Dear Angela,

Thank you (BookLocker) for showing me how POD is done the right way.

Unfortunately, I had a bad subsequent experience and I thought you’d find it interesting. I write a monthly column for (a medical magazine), published by (a large healthcare publisher). They wanted to do a compilation of my best columns over the past few years. I figured, ‘it’s (name of publisher removed), they know how to do this!’ Au contraire!

They really wanted only an e-book, which, of course, they priced far out of reason at $19.99. Insane for a small book of only 85 pages. I tried to tell them to make it .99 or even $5.00. No way, no how. They knew how to do it.

I thought they were doing a print on demand version; they said they were (I now know that the contract wasn’t explicit enough). Instead, they did a print run of about 200 books “for me.” And, about three months after the release, they finally figured out how to sell them. Buyers had to contact the editor’s office with contact information. They then send a book…with an invoice. I begged them to give the books to me (to sell) but was told, in no uncertain terms, to let it go, and focus on the e-book. In the editor’s words, “I don’t even know why anyone would want a print book now!”

Bottom line, lesson learned. Bitterly disappointed in the ignorance and hubris of a huge company. But, not surprised.

BookLocker is awesome.


I’m so sorry they let you down. Unfortunately, we’re hearing these stories about traditional publishers more and more. Many are now using print on demand technology and, of course, are publishing ebooks, but are failing to attract and correctly serve modern readers. Sadly, they don’t want to listen to advice from anyone else, which is one reason why so many of them are in financial dire straits now.



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