Frank graduated with honor from high school last weekend. We are soooooo proud of him! He’ll be starting his college career in the Fall. Since he now plans to become a doctor, it’ll be a long college career…


Nobody sets out to fail but, for the freelancer, there are some key elements that will deliver the best possible service and happy customers…

FAITH-FULL WRITING: Expanding Into the Christian Market By Monica A. Andermann

FAITH-FULL WRITING: Expanding Into the Christian Market By Monica A. Andermann

In the first years since I left my desk job to pursue writing freelance, my personal and inspirational essays found homes in several anthologies and in some magazines, too. Yet suddenly I found myself feeling tapped out in that arena, as though my supply of heartening stories was running dangerously low. At that moment, I examined not only what I was writing but why I was writing. I wanted my words to have a positive impact on the reader’s life…


Only a month after our last snow, it got into the 80s here on Memorial Day so Frank ran to the store for a kiddie pool for the little ones. Boy oh boy, were they happy!!

Do NOT Sneak Your Self-Published Book Onto Bookstore Shelves! By Angela Hoy, Co-owner of and

Over the years, several authors have written to me, sharing a “unique” idea they had about getting bookstores to stock their books. They walk into a store, pull a couple of their books out of their purse or jacket, place them on a shelf, and walk away. It’s like backwards shoplifting. We call it shopdropping….and it’s a very, very bad idea…

Archived Market Listings on WritersWeekly

I’m looking for archived markets on your site but I can’t seem to find them.
– Janine
All WritersWeekly material is archived by subject here.
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Q&A and You By Suchi Rudra

I’ve written quite a few business and company profiles in my seven years of experience as a freelance writer and journalist. This means I’ve had to interview many CEOs, executives and owners of small- and medium-sized businesses. Although the question list varies according to the specific style of the magazine and the unique qualities of the business and business owner, there is definitely a core set of questions that I tend to slip in during each interview…