Only a month after our last snow, it got into the 80s here on Memorial Day so Frank ran to the store for a kiddie pool for the little ones. Boy oh boy, were they happy!! Frank worked outside weeding the garden while Richard and I slaved away on our computers. No, business owners don’t get typical holidays like everybody else. The only holidays that occur where we try to stay offline all day long no matter what are Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And, since Monday is my busiest day, if I did take a Monday off, I’d be paying for it with extra hours every day for the rest of the week. It’s just not worth it.

Richard’s dad is flying in this week for Frank’s graduation. Can’t believe our baby is graduating, and getting ready for college (sniff).

Yes, we’re still shopping for a house in Florida. We’re hemming and hawing now about renting for awhile vs. buying instead. We’re also not so sure about the Sarasota area anymore since prices seem to be cheaper on the water in Key Largo. I’ve had my eyes on the keys all along but it’s taken some creative negotiation on my end to convince the adult kids that the island way of life is much better. Heh… After I told them it’s only about 45 minutes from the Miami nightlife and restaurants, they all started coming around. (Don’t worry. We’ll avoid the bad parts of Miami.) Besides, we heard Key Largo is known for its restaurants. Ali and Mikey would be able to get chef jobs and I just might need to get a bigger bathing suit! Ha ha ha.

This Week’s Masonism:

“I don’t like to pet fish.”

Hugs to all



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