Is That Foreign Website Giving Away My Book For Free?

In Googling myself today, I ran across a website called and I see that all 10 of my books are available for free as a PDF file to anyone who wants to download them. Is this legal? This strikes me as piracy. Do I have any recourse? Should I even worry about it?

Making Lemonade: Embracing the Typo By Jill Pertler

Typos happen. I make every effort to prevent them, but I can’t change the fact that I am human, making me imperfect and prone to the occasional (however seldom) typo. Cringe.
My first advice is to avoid typos whenever you can. Proof everything you write and then proof it one more time. Be diligent and meticulous in the battle. I try to be.
Despite my best efforts, however, sometimes typos creep into my copy. A well-intentioned “then” typed as “than” is left undetected by spell check as well as my ever eager eyes and a typo is born.
An error in the body of an article or column is never good news. I can only think of one thing more disastrous: a typo in a query. Can you imagine?

Mason’s First Stitches!

With a boy as adventurous and energetic as Mason, who will be 5 years old this month, it was only a matter of time before his never ending bouncing and running led to a BIG boo boo…

Reactions to More World’s Worst Book Proposals

Oh my gosh! If your pending move leaves you no time to write, just give us more “World’s Worst Book Proposals”. They are truly the funniest things I’ve ever read. It’s hard to believe people actually “right” that way, but…
Thanks for the giggles.
Jacquie McTaggart
From the Teacher’s Desk
If They Don’t Learn the Way You Teach…Teach the Way They Learn
Hi Angela,
Needed a pick-me-up this morning, so I read several installments of the Worst Book Proposals – thank you so much! And, thank you for all your hard work. You are much appreciated by us “starving (thank God for peanut butter and jelly) writers”.
Those are very hard to read and remind me of the quality of writing that I sometimes see on Facebook. I promptly removed that one person that wrote worse than your worst proposals as a friend. I cannot read their stuff and expect to still be able to write myself. Writing is like singing, but there is no American Idol to weed out the writers that cannot write.
George Arnold Hall
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Make Money Writing English Textbooks! By Greg Goodmacher

Make Money Writing English Textbooks! By Greg Goodmacher

Did you know that the number of people studying English worldwide is estimated at around one billion, and that this number is projected to grow considerably? What does this mean to you as a writer? The market for writers of educational materials is growing, too, and your writing can be a part of that growth.

Deadbeat is Threatening to Blacklist Me

I was approached about a month ago by a person who said he was referred from a former client. I did not know this client well, but I had worked for him once. The man asked me to write some articles for him on a regular basis, which I agreed to do. He sent information to me regarding these articles and the information did state that he paid after 10,000 words was reached. I agreed to this.
During all this time, the man gave the impression he was in the United States…

Making Fast and Easy Money Writing Fillers By Barbara Weddle

When I first began my writing career, I was so excited by the mere thought of being published that I never gave a thought to making money at it. Being published was reward enough for all my hard work.
But then I decided I liked the idea of checks popping up in my mailbox now and then…