No Colon Diagnosis Yet

I want to thank everyone who wrote in last week with ideas about what might be wrong with my colon. I would particularly like to thank (snicker) the people who wrote in with graphic details about colonoscopies. Uh, thanks.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a diagnosis yet…

How Many Bookmarks And Personalized Pencils Make A Best Seller? None!!

Yesterday, after work, while flipping through the mail, you find a postcard from Author Anne. It’s a pretty postcard. It shows her book cover on one side, and has a brief description of the book on the other. But, you receive marketing postcards everyday…and you can’t pick up the book and thumb through it. You’re not online right now so you can’t click to read more about the book. You leave it on the counter and forget about it. Later, you use it to push some crumbs into the sink and then you throw it away.

NEW SALES FOR AN OLD BOOK: How to Breathe Life into Your Book By Mara Reid Rogers

“I just sent your Press Release out to over 500 Editors by email a couple of minutes ago. Within three minutes of doing so, I have been getting requests for review copies every minute since.”
Wouldn’t any Author LOVE to hear those words? And those words from a BIG Publisher? Yes! Any Author would. And I did, just last week.

Free Classified Ads Always On Call By Christine Cristiano

As an active freelance writer, I make it a point to google my name on a regular basis to ensure that my work is not appearing on websites that are not authorized to use it. On one such occasion, I came across a classified ad that was selling copies of my children