Free Classified Ads Always On Call By Christine Cristiano

As an active freelance writer, I make it a point to google my name on a regular basis to ensure that my work is not appearing on websites that are not authorized to use it. On one such occasion, I came across a classified ad that was selling copies of my children’s picture book. Immediately, I contacted the poster to inform them that they are not authorized to sell my book and to remove my book from the website. To my surprise, it was my publisher who had posted the ad on a free classified site in hopes in securing a few orders.

Up to that time, I hadn’t give much thought to posting a free online classified ad to generate sales for my book and writing service but concluded that it was worth a try and best of all it wouldn’t cost me anything. After googling the phrase, ‘free classified advertisements’, I started researching the different websites that came up with the google search. I visited each site and selected those that carried advertisements for services such as bookkeeping, virtual assistance and writing. On some sites, the amount of space to advertise your service is small so I had to make every word count. Some sites only allowed the poster to post one message however it would appear on various boards in different cities. Other sites required the poster to post their message on numerous boards representing selected cities.

After the first round of classified ads was posted, I received an inquiry from a music production company in need of a press release. I sent them a detailed proposal including my price, turnaround time and payment details (Paypal only) – I was granted the assignment. Next, I was contacted by a small company looking for a writer to proofread and edit their website. Again, I responded with a detailed proposal and was granted the assignment. That assignment was followed by a request to write a resume for an individual who was moving out of the country and seeking employment in their new home country.

Since my first free classified ad, I regular post and repost my writing service advertisement on various free sites. The best part is that the classified advertisements are free of charge, working for my benefit 24/7 and accessible to all interested parties.

Here are 3 links for online classifeds that I use:

Christine Cristiano is the editor of The Obsessed Writers Group Newsletter. In addition, Christine is the author of the ebook, Obsessed: Diary of a Freelance Writer and the children’s picture book, Church Mouse Poor. Her work has appeared in numerous print and online venues throughout Canada and the US including The Dollar Stretcher, Reader’s Digest, Woman’s World, Funds for Writers, Career Choices and No Place like Home. Please visit her website at