Just as soon as I started whining about the weather being too warm for Halloween, the temperatures dropped and the weatherman predicted snow. It hasn’t snowed here on Halloween yet (since we moved her in 2000 anyway), but it did snow before Halloween one year. The red leaves falling on the snow was a incredible sight to behold! Matt reported ice on his car this morning, and said he thought we got some freezing drizzle instead of snow…

“Vote For My Book!” Contests May Hurt Your Credibility…and Your Pocketbook

I have kind of an odd-ball request: I entered a novel into a contest – kind of an American Idol contest for novels. It’s doing pretty well. It made the semi-finals, unofficially in 10th place out of 296 entries. Unfortunately, only the top 5 have a shot at getting published. One of the top five will be published by (name of company removed). That’s where you might come in. If I get published, that would (a) Be a big boost for my self-published book and (b) Be a nice little thing to mention in my advertising.
Given that, I was wondering if you might be willing to pass the word around to friends, family, employees, contacts who like to read, etc. that my novel might be worth a look. Anyone can comment and vote as long as they register with (the website hosting the contest).

Whispers And Warnings For October 31st

The Eyeballs Stay In While the Boobs Fall Out…

Max must be growing up. For Halloween, instead of being something cute like a bunny rabbit or a Ninja Turtle, he wants to be something really scary (sigh). We haven’t decided on Mason’s costume yet. Max wants Mason to be something scary, too. I guess that would be okay because the mirror is too high in the bathroom for him to be able to scare himself.

More World’s Worst Book Proposals By Angela Hoy

I’m pretty backed up this week so I’m going to share another installment of our popular column, World’s Worst Book Proposals. Yes, these are real! Enjoy!
In the actual book – Chapter 1, Line 3:
A person who practices witchcraft is indeed a witch, yet what is a witch and how does a witch practices witchcraft.

Great Halloween Idea From a Children’s Book Author!

Here is an idea I am trying and you can pass onto your readers. In my neighborhood we have about 700 kids that come around the house for ‘trick or treat’and since my book, ‘Jayben Treat and The Burglar of Barmoth’ is a wizard’s book, and written for kids age 9-12, I made up 1000 colorbookmarks to give out with the candy to kids age9-12. The bookmark contains not only a photo from the cover, but a blurb and a web site linkto read an excerpt. Once Halloween arrives, I will create a new link directly to the publisher where people can purchase the book.

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