The Eyeballs Stay In While the Boobs Fall Out…

Max must be growing up. For Halloween, instead of being something cute like a bunny rabbit or a Ninja Turtle, he wants to be something really scary (sigh). We haven’t decided on Mason’s costume yet. Max wants Mason to be something scary, too. I guess that would be okay because the mirror is too high in the bathroom for him to be able to scare himself.

Freida the Flasher had an accident over the weekend. High winds knocked her down and her pumpkin boobs rolled down the street. We only found one of them so we had to give her one of the extra pumpkins from the back porch. They’re not exactly the same size now…but what woman’s isn’t?

The weather has been incredibly, unusually warm here for Fall. It was almost 80 degrees on Sunday! We were going to go leaf watching again, but we just couldn’t get into the spirit with the air conditioner running instead of the heater. Instead, we stayed home and Max and Mason spent the entire day playing outside, getting some sun on their cheeks. That’s important because there will be several weeks in the winter when it will be too cold for them to play outside at all.

I remember the first Halloween we lived here. It was below freezing and dead leaves were blowing everywhere! We had to go to the store that day and buy our first real winter coats (they sell huge, downy coats in Maine that we’d never seen the likes of in Texas!) and tons of mittens. For trick or treating, we wore huge coats, two pairs of socks, and two pairs of mittens, and I still couldn’t feel my feet or hands by the time we were finished! The way things are progressing this year, we will probably be wearing shorts (sigh). Ali is not going trick or treating for the first time this year. I guess at 16 she’s outgrown it. She’ll be spending the evening in our living room, passing out candy and watching scary movies with her boyfriend, who is a very nice young man, I might add. We really like him.

Zach has a new girlfriend, too, and she’s very sweet, and very quiet. We like her, too! Frank, our resident Romeo, is going trick or treating this year – with a group of girls. Matt won the opportunity to buy tickets to the World Series. He got tickets to Game 6, so he’s hoping there is a Game 6. He’s VERY excited about that… because Game 6 is scheduled for Halloween night!

This week’s Halloween Maxism:

I was sitting in the living room the other night and Max walked in. He was pulling his eyelid up and down, and said, “Mom, why can’t I pull my eyeball out?”

Knowing a long explanation would only confuse him, I replied, “Because it’s attached to your brain.”

He said, “Oh.”

And, as if thinking Max might actually try such a feat, Richard piped up from the kitchen. “And, It would hurt! A LOT!”

Hugs to all!


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