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No-Entry-Fee Fiction Contests By C. Hope Clark

Finding a reputable short fiction contest that doesn’t charge an entry fee is like seeking the Holy Grail. You believe it’s out there, but you’re not sure you have the commitment to find it.

YOU Are Reponsible For Making Your Writing Career Happen! By David Berlin

I wrote my first piece when I was 20 and got my first useful lesson in professional writing a couple of weeks later: I received a letter from the publication saying that the article had been accepted. It contained no information about when they planned to publish it and pay me. Over the years I’ve learned that getting a publication date is hard and getting an editor to tell you the exact date the check was sent is well nigh impossible.

Heading To The Big Apple!

We spent a few days last week at the Wisconsin Dells. We rode a duck, ate a LOT of food, played mini-golf, had our portrait taken in a bathtub, and more!
We’ve been faithfully logging our experiences (and photos!) here:

BAM: Book A Month

Hi Angela,
I’ve been working on my books for some time. You notice I said it too, huh? “Books.” Yes, I’m working on too many books. I have a short attention span, and so when an idea comes I delve right in.
Recently, I decided I needed to bite the bullet and develop some sort of format to finish writing the book(s). I’d heard of using outlining and also using note cards to attempt to bring order to some disorder…

Paying Farm Trade Markets By David Berlin

If you love traveling through the heartland, if your politics are populist, if you have the ability to laugh at yourself, and if your writing, research, and interviewing skills are strong, you can write for the farming trades. These magazines publish articles on every topic from bull sperm to beekeeping, goat farming to organic vegetable farming, as well as cheesemaking, livestock breeding, and cattle ranching.

My What Big Ears You Have By Jan Henrikson

UPS did not deliver my professional writing career. A midwife did. I felt so nourished by how deeply she listened to me during a routine exam, I wanted everyone to know about these creatures I once associated with the Middle Ages. When was the last time I felt like a whole human being instead of a body part at any doctor’s appointment?

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