Ghost Story Round-Robin With International Best Selling Author Doug Clegg… At Our Campfire!

We took three days off from work this weekend, called it a “real vacation” and had a blast! We spent two days with international best selling horror author Doug Clegg, and even had a ghost story round-robin with him…at OUR campfire! He was very kind and didn’t laugh (much) at our attempts to tell a scary tale. Ha!

We also spent two days with our friend, well-known international journalist Scott Rose, in New York City, gorging ourselves on scrumptious delicacies and playing with penguins. We thought we were about to meet our maker when we rode in one cab in particular.

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This week’s Maxism:

Max adores birds and always tries to quietly sneak up on them, hoping to catch one. While were were in New York City, he was delighted because there were birds everywhere! I admonished him for chasing one bird in particular after his stealth approach had failed once again.

He replied, “It’s not a bird, Mom. It’s a pigeon.”

Hugs to all!


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