BAM: Book A Month

Hi Angela,

I’ve been working on my books for some time. You notice I said it too, huh? “Books.” Yes, I’m working on too many books. I have a short attention span, and so when an idea comes I delve right in.

Recently, I decided I needed to bite the bullet and develop some sort of format to finish writing the book(s). I’d heard of using outlining and also using note cards to attempt to bring order to some disorder.

So imagine my delight when I saw the e-book BAM: Book a Month by Cyn Mobley for sale! She used to pop in once in awhile on a writers’ board (now closed) developed by Michael Seidman, who has been an editor at several large publishing houses. He now has an editing consultation site online.

But while I kept checking the site, Cyn Mobley would pop in once in a while. I found although her visits tended to be short and sweet, what little info she gave help wise was more helpful than the site provided in weeks or months from other authors. At one time I knew her pen names, but have since forgotten them. One of the pen names was for writing military thrillers…quite a reasonable thing to do since most men on active duty wouldn’t be caught dead reading a book with a female author–even if she was currently in the navy or ex-navy.

I had wished at the time I knew more about her method(s) of writing, because she was well known for being prolific. So when I saw this help book, I didn’t even look at the description or excerpt. The title was enough, as far as I was concerned! I instantly went to the book site and purchased it and downloaded it on the spot! In fact I’ve already read it, and if I don’t start attempting to use it tonight, I will tomorrow! It will hopefully save me from the vision of having note cards spread across my livingroom floor!

Hope you’re having a great vacation–even sans Wisconsin cheese!
Lawrence, KS