Abbreviated Holiday Issue

We’re officially “on vacation” this week, even though we’re at home in Bangor. It was almost 50 degrees here on Christmas Eve and all our snow melted. We had our first green Christmas since moving here! Richard’s grandmother is visiting from Corpus Christi, Texas…where they had four inches of snow. She said she should have stayed at home to get her white Christmas.


Dear Angela,
I have to thank you for sharing your “Play-Doh-ectomy” story. It helped me remember a couple of things I hadn’t remembered while I was taking your last memoir class – the time I dissected the rattle we made in kindergarten, found that the rattle sound was made from popping corn kernels and decided to put them in my ears. I got the one in my left ear out, but not the one in my right. My parents had to rush me to the emergency room. I hated the whole experience and cried the whole time. They gave me a lollipop for being a good girl.
Hi Angela
I laughed hysterically when I read your story about Frank and the silly putty. We had a similiar incident with beads. My youngest, Matthew, somehow got two colored beads stuck up his nose. I tried to have him blow them out but that didn’t work. I phoned ‘Grandma’ to accompany us to the hospital. Matthew and I were in the bathroom (a small one at that) getting ready to head to the ER when he started to make the sneezing sound. Suddenly, he let out one huge sneeze and those beads came flying out of his nose and went ricocheting off the walls. With it being a small bathroom, those beads flew around for quite awhile. We were ducking for cover! Of course, once the crisis was over, we had a very good laugh. Kids – they should come with instruction manuals..
Also, like Diane C., I was published in Woman’s World after reading their editorial request on your site. Thanks to WritersWeekly for the great lead!
Best wishes to you and your family for a happy holiday season and continued success in the New Year.
Warm regards,


Well, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a trip to the
emergency room! On Sunday night, Frank said he was making a clay mold of his ear when…

Ho Ho

Happy Holidays, Angela!
Another year of is almost finished…whew! Thanks for publishing such an informative and useful ezine. I look forward to another year of your excellent publication. I hope you have a fantastic holiday this year.

Where Can I Find A New Agent?

I am in need of a new agent. I understand Janet Kay’s agency is out of
Can you recommend one or send a small list of agents seeking new

A Writer’s Triumph By Diane Craver

Today was a great day! I didn’t receive any rejections but I did receive a contract for $300 for a 300-word story from Woman’s World Magazine! I’m sure you’ve seen it. Women’s World is that weekly magazine with a diet and a cake on the cover. You might start glancing at it while you wait for the cashier to get to your groceries. Then you get interested in a story but don’t get it finished and, since the price is only $1.49, you decide to buy it. Well, this woman’s magazine pays well for their articles and fiction. And, yes, they use freelancers.

Whispers and Warnings For December 22nd

This Week:

It’s Beginning to Look…

The snow started a bit late this month in Bangor and I was starting to worry that I’d never get my “children standing in a snowstorm” Christmas card photo for this year! But, the snow did finally arrive and I rushed the children outside for their annual “hurry, Mom, before another snowflake lands on my eyeball” picture.

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