A Writer’s Triumph By Diane Craver

Today was a great day! I didn’t receive any rejections but I did receive a contract for $300 for a 300-word story from Woman’s World Magazine! I’m sure you’ve seen it. Women’s World is that weekly magazine with a diet and a cake on the cover. You might start glancing at it while you wait for the cashier to get to your groceries. Then you get interested in a story but don’t get it finished and, since the price is only $1.49, you decide to buy it. Well, this woman’s magazine pays well for their articles and fiction. And, yes, they use freelancers.

When I saw that a features editor was looking for funny anecdotes about kooky things, I wrote about an amusing thing that happened to me. The information about this new column was listed in a September issue of WritersWeekly.com with the editor’s email address. I emailed her my little story and heard back from her immediately that she was forwarding it on since a new woman was now in charge of the column. The nice thing about Woman’s World is they move quickly. As soon as they get my contract, a check will be sent to me.

Amy Oscar, another editor at Women’s World, is looking for any mood lifters you might have, for her column entitled, Happiness Hints. I sent her six and she liked three. They are very short and they pay $25 for each one they accept. Amy only wants one hint sent to her at a time and she wants your name, address, and phone number at the top of the page with your happiness tip.

If you like to write fiction, you might try writing a short romantic story or a mystery to submit to Women’s World. They pay $1,000 for their short romantic stories and the word count has to be exactly 1,500 words. Mysteries are to be 1,000 words and the pay is $500. If you submit fiction, be sure to send the complete manuscript and write “Mini-Mystery” or “Romance” on the envelope. Enclose a self-addressed stamp envelope. Here’s the address for your fiction: Johnene Granger, Fiction Editor, Bauer Publishing Co. 270 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.

Also the editors are always looking for real-life stories with happy endings, and will pay $250 if they accept your idea for one.

Be sure to take time to read a few issues of Women’s World magazine before you start submitting to them.

Diane S. Craver resides in Ohio and enjoys her life with her husband and six children. Her book, The Christmas of 1957, is available at: https://www.booklocker.com/books/483.html

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