Make Money Writing Video YouTube Scripts by Emily Thompson

Make Money Writing Video YouTube Scripts by Emily Thompson

Savvy freelance writers are constantly searching for new income streams for their writing businesses. Have you heard of YouTube Scripts? Yes, you read that correctly! YouTube is on fire and there’s a way for freelance writers to enjoy a good income courtesy of the platform.

Needless to say, YouTube creators are always on the lookout for a good script, as well as for talented writers who can pull it all off. Remember, YouTube creators use the platform as a way of earning income and they are not willing to compromise on quality where their videos are concerned.

What Do YouTube Scripts Pay?
YouTube scripting does pay well! Full-time YouTube jobs are rare to come by but the site still gives freelance writers a great opening to obtaining this type of work. These scripts can pay at hourly rates ($30 per hour and above), finished-per-minute rates ($50 per minute and above), or at a per-word rate ( 7 cents a word). As a YouTube script writer, your rate will depend on the following factors:

– Your history of income as a freelance writer
– Your portfolio – i.e. strong portfolios call for higher earnings
– Your experience in the niche
– Your client testimonials

Even as a beginner, don’t accept low rates because there’s nothing wrong with starting at the average rate, especially if you’ve been freelancing for a considerable amount of time. Don’t forget to use anything that can show your success as a writer to your advantage.

Where to Find Gigs
Like any other type of freelance writing gig, you’ll always find work in the following places:

Job boards
Job boards like ZipRecruiter, Linkedin, Linkedin Pro,,, and will introduce you to a plethora of YouTube scriptwriting jobs. All you have to do is sign up to the job boards, and have your email notification settings on and you are instantly notified whenever a job’s available.

The trick here is to follow a list of potential and dream customers in hopes that they’ll post their job openings. To do this, use Twitter’s advanced search engine, and type keywords like “YouTube script”, “writer wanted” and “freelance writer”.

Yes! YouTube itself will notify you of any scriptwriting job openings. Always take a close look at existing videos, and note the type of businesses that are already using them. Then, send a pitch out to them. You can also pitch their competitors that are not so active on YouTube channels as they will more likely be interested.

Educational organizations
These groups appreciate YouTube scripts and they also desire videos for online learning and webinars. Organizations like ReadingRockets provide a list of author and illustrator interviews, which will come in handy when pitching a YouTube script.

Authors are in need of YouTube videos as well. Just like any other business, they appreciate a good marketing scheme that would showcase their book titles and reviews. While self-publishing authors hire for themselves, traditional publishers benefit from videos, too.

Pitch as a Solo or Package Deal?
Only a few writers market themselves as video script writers, with a majority of them falling under copywriters, B2B writers, SEO writers, and many more. Ideally, you could promote yourself as an expert video writer with skills in videography, and running a production company. The wider you reach, the greater your odds of landing a good job. The answer to this question is – always pitch as a package deal instead of a solo writer. Diversifying your skills will maximize your potential.

The world has become a fast-paced technology hub. In this era of cell phones, computers, tablets, and much more, it’s best to use what’s available to your advantage. As a freelance writer, don’t miss out on opportunities that will put you at the top of the earning chain. Start with YouTube!

Emily Thompson is a freelance writer who has contributed to publications such as Reviewed, Freedom With Writing, The Sun, and many more. In her free time, she enjoys whipping up recipes with her daughter and walking her dog.

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