It Happened To Me! Reader’s Magnet Called!! – a humorous contribution by Chris Hanly

It Happened To Me! Reader’s Magnet Called!! – a humorous contribution by Chris Hanly

I can’t believe it! I am sooooo happy. It finally happened to me! After all these months of traveling through earthquakes, snow and ice storms, freezing temperatures, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the occasional sunny-warm days, I finally got to experience it!

I was sitting in my truck getting my next order loaded when my phone rang! I answered it. (Well, what would you do?) It was a number from California with some guy named Marvin (at least that is what he said his name was). He definitely sounded like he was not only from around here, but perhaps in another country. I could hear the massive amount of people in the background at his call center chatting away on the other phone lines. He was inquiring about my book!  🙂

He informed me that “THE TRUCKER’S NIGHTMARE” was such an inspiration, and was so well written, that his company, the “READER’S MAGNET,” wanted to help me in promoting it to the public.

Now, I will say that “THE TRUCKER’S NIGHTMARE” and “THE TRUCKER’S NIGHTMARE CONTINUES” are the greatest collection of Thriller/ Horror short stories that have been written in this generation. I was truly amazed! The way he was talking up my book, he made it sound even better than what it really is. It truly is hard for me to downplay such an awesome book but, compared to his words, I look like a novice.

Side note: The third one in the series will be available at a later date, which also happens to be just as awesome!

Anyway, he asked if I had a few minutes to answer some questions. He asked for a little info. on what inspired me to write it. That was an easy question to answer. I have always had a wild imagination (though no one would EVER be able to guess that this was true), plus the fact that I have been driving trucks since the wheel was invented (slight exaggeration), and that, when I was younger, I used to write stories in school.

The final and biggest question, which I was waiting for, was how the sales were going so far because they wanted to help me. ME! He told me that a festival of books is coming the second week of March and they want to help by having my book represented there for thousands to see!! Can you believe it? If there was a doctor close by to monitor my heart rate, I am sure it must have soared up to at least one extra beat per minute. Okay, maybe half a beat faster.

He generously said that even though it was getting close to “the deadline for registering” that they could work fast at getting me in there. All I had to do was send them a signed copy of my book, and pay the registration fee, and I would be in! They would handle all the promoting of it even if I was not able to be there. So, I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing!

Then, when it is over, they would send me the promotional information and the results of the endeavor. They also said that they are going to be able to save me a ton of money on the fee as well.  Normally it would ONLY costs $650 to sign up, BUT they could save me $250…if I move quick! That means it will only cost me $400! Is that not so exciting?! I tell you – this has made my day. I told him I would look into it, that right now I am running across the country working, and if I “decided to pursue it” I would call him.

He naturally asked for my email address so he could send the information to me. This way I can look over it all in the comfort of my home. How sweet is that? My thinking on it of course – maybe I am right, maybe not – if he had actually read “THE TRUCKER’S NIGHTMARE,” or even had managed to “look” over my book, because it was such an inspiration, (AND IT IS!), he might have noticed my CONTACT information is in the book. Not to mention the fact that, in our conversation, I had told him I was on the road…so, the comfort of my own home is out!

And, of course, he wanted a convenient date as to when I would call him back. He must have missed the whole “if I am interested” part. Naturally (or not), while I was on the phone with him (remember, I wasn’t actually driving at the time), I had already been checking his company out for the red flags that I already knew existed. Plus, after looking up the book fair, I saw the actual fee was much lower. Maybe, just maybe, he was looking at the web page in a wrong manner and had somehow misplaced the decimal point. There is a chance that Marvin might not have had his glasses on as well. It is possible! Those kinds of things do happen every once in awhile. Just ask the hundreds of people in jail for tax fraud. They will tell you it does happen. 🙂

So, in short, I am ecstatic about this little adventure that I had finally been able to experience. It was a long time in coming.

Now I would like to give a special wholehearted thanks to Angela and the staff at for helping authors like myself, and others, who are simply curious about what it takes to write books, the proper tools and information that are needed, etc., and things to watch out for. WAIT! What is this? You mean she does this for FREE! Yup! She wants us to be made aware of these kinds of shenanigans from the very beginning.

Angela – In making it public for anyone to be able to read about these types of situations on your web page, you truly have gone above and beyond to keep so many authors safe financially and, I would even say, emotionally.

Keep up the great work.

Chris Hanly is the author of The Trucker’s Nightmare and The Trucker’s Nightmare Continues. He continues to write as he continues to run the roads across the U.S. in his big rig. With his experience and wild imagination, he has been able to bring to the audience some compelling tales that leave people questioning the reality of what is true or fiction in the trucking industry.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Before we published the article above, we received an email from a different author. We’re including it here for your entertainment:

I got a call from Readers Magnet. Their researchers have discovered my book, Tactical Freedom, and my association with Mark Twain. I said, “Thanks for associating me with Mark but I didn’t write his book. He did.”

“Oh, do you still work with Mark?”

Lol!!! So, I asked this author promoter if she had read any of his books. “No, I don’t really read books.”

Again, LOL!

I asked, “What kind of fee do you charge to promote my book?”

“No fee.” Blah blah blah… only a small set up change for your account.

“How much?”

“Only $400.”

I let them know that since their “research department “ doesn’t even know one of the world’s most famous authors, I have no faith in them. And, by the way, “He died over a hundred years ago!”

Then, the same girl called me back today. Totally forgot she called me.

Thought you’d get a kick out of this one.

– Barry


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