Paying Spiritual Markets for Writers By Tatiana Claudy

Paying Spiritual Markets for Writers By Tatiana Claudy

In 1995, when I moved from St. Petersburg, Russia to the US, I was sure that my experience as a Christian translator and interpreter would be in great demand. Why not? I had interpreted numerous sermons and Bible lessons, to say nothing about programs for Christian radio. If I succeeded in Russia, I would flourish in America!

My awakening was quick and sad – nobody needed a Russian interpreter in rural Indiana. Moreover, since I did not drive, my mobility had been limited. As a result, I began taking long walks around the farm (where I lived with my family) to cry before the Lord. A friend gave me devotion books and I learned about this genre of Christian writing. I started to write down my spiritual experiences and even composed a devotion booklet for my church. Encouraged by my family, I submitted my first devotion, “The Lord Gives a New Beginning,” to Christian Families Online e-publication – and it was published!

After this “overnight success,” I sent multiple submissions to The Upper Room and The Secret Place devotional magazines. Naturally, I got tons of rejections until I mastered the craft. Once these magazines had published several of my devotions, I wrote an article for called “Break Into the Religious Market With a Devotion.”

However, despite my credentials as a “devotion expert,” I started to question whether the scope of my writing was too narrow. Were there other opportunities to publish personal spiritual experiences? I researched publications and found that The Christian Communicator magazine has a section  called “Heart of a Communicator” devoted to articles on Christian writers’ spiritual hardships and triumphs. Just what I needed! I had stories to share, like how I received a divine inspiration for an article for Learning Through History magazine, got a rejection and, two hours later, a letter of acceptance!

I looked for other venues to expand my publishing opportunities for my spiritual experiences. In my dentist’s office, I found Creation Illustrated magazine, which featured nature articles from a Christian perspective. Perfect! During my long walks around the farm I learned valuable lessons from nature – especially when I stepped on the “shaky ground” of the wetland. So far, I have written seven pieces about my personal stories and spiritual insights in for this publication.

I am still researching new outlets for my stories. It is even possible to write about spiritual experiences for secular magazines (of course, without quotes from the Bible), and I am learning how to do it. I have realized that spirituality is not necessarily an attribute of a religious affiliation – it is rather an attitude of the mind, the heart, and the soul. Our relations with the environment, the food we eat, or the places we visit can be spiritual. Most importantly, these stories should be sincere and honest. Readers do not need “spiritual gurus” to teach them how they should live. They look for inspiration from ordinary persons who has faced and overcome difficulties.

Paying Writer’s Markets for Spiritual Writing:

Today’s Christian Living
A venue for inspirational stories about people’s lives touched by God.
Payment ranges from $25-$150.

Creation Illustrated
Christian nature magazine.
Pays $75-$100.

The Lutheran Digest
A venue mostly for reprints.
Pays $35.

An Australian magazine focusing on the quality of life and the health of the planet.
Pays AU$600-$700.

Whole Life Times
A venue for stories on spirituality.
Pay ranges from $75–$150.

Tatiana Claudy is a freelance writer from Indiana. Her bylines appeared in Creation Illustrated, The Upper Room, and The Secret Place magazines, and and FundsforWriters e-publications.




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