14 Paying Markets for Writers, in 4 Niches! – by William Opar

14 Paying Markets for Writers, in 4 Niches! – by William Opar

Below are 14 paying markets for writers that are selling well during these difficult times.

1. Health and Wellness

Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life is a lifestyle magazine. It focuses on promoting holistic health.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $100 to $300

Radish Magazine

This magazine focuses on living a sustainable lifestyle with an emphasis on natural foods and healthy eating as a source of healthy living.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $50 to $150; $25 for their “Rooting Around” department


Upworthy is a health and wellness magazine that also aims at creating a better world.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $200. They also offer bonus payments if your article generates website traffic.

2. Parenting

Family Fun Magazine

Publishes articles focusing on families with children between the ages of three and twelve.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $1.25 per word

Successful Freelance Mom

A website focused on moms in the entrepreneurship field. They accept articles that inspire and motivate these women to succeed in growing their business.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $75 to $100

PTO Today

Seeks pitches from expert parent-teacher organization volunteers in the United States. They accept content covering leadership and group management, as well as how-to articles.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $125 to $500


A parenting blog that equips parents with information and resources geared toward technology. They accept articles full of practical tips.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $100

Lisa Tanner Writing

A blog that focuses on women working from home. Female freelancers are encouraged to send pitches to share a real-life experience.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $50

3. Making Money Online

Writers Weekly

This publication teaches writers how to make more money writing, and teaches authors how to sell more books. They also expose scams in both industries. WritersWeekly pays for feature articles (and list articles like this one!), as well as for “marketing secrets.” Articles run around 600 words.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $60 immediately on acceptance via PayPal

Funds for Writers 

Accepts pitches for articles that practically give insight to other writers so that they can thrive in the freelance business. Article length should be between 500 and 600 words.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $50 via PayPal


A blog focused on earning and saving money. If you can create quality articles on how to earn and save money, then you’re a good fit for this blog. The article length is between 1000 and 2000 words.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $30-$150 via PayPal

4. Digital Marketing

Contently  is a freelance job site, and a marketing site for freelancers. Join Contently here before you start sending pitches to them.

Pay: $200 to $400


A content marketing platform. They accept blog posts on content marketing and marketing campaigns.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $250 to $400


A website focused on helping online writers to market and thrive in their freelance business. It covers a variety of topics.

Writer’s Guidelines

Pay: $300 to $1000


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William Opar is a freelance SEO writer. 

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