I’ve been a writer at heart since the age of 10. My love of writing led me to major in Journalism. After graduation, I worked in marketing and graphic design. I was happiest when I was writing, but the positions I held were not writing-focused. In order to break into the writing field, I decided I had to do something different.

I took an internship with a career web site and learned from A to Z, all that goes into writing and specifically, writing web content. It was such an eye-opening experience. Tracy, the web site editor, taught me everything she knew and my writing goals became clear. I found that I enjoyed writing light-hearted, informational career articles. After the internship ended, I began to work on a plan to write full-time.

I took a marketing job with an e-commerce site, which included writing their e-mail newsletter and marketing materials. This gave me even more writing experience. During my evenings, weekends and lunch breaks, I would send out queries and look for freelance work. There were times when queries wouldn’t get answered or they’d get rejected. It was very frustrating. However, over time, I developed a tough skin and learned not to take the rejection to heart.

Two years passed and my writing credits included,, and many more. It’s true that success builds on success! I decided to branch out my writing to include such topics as finances, parenting and family issues. In December 2001, I was able to put in my two weeks notice and work from home!

It is exhilarating to be my own boss and write full-time. I credit my supportive family, hard work and Angela’s Writers Weekly newsletter for helping me become the writer I am today!

Ohio-based freelance writer Diane Schmidt specializes in articles, e-mail newsletters, web site copy and more!