The first children’s book I ever wrote was published. My second submission consisted of an article about my pregnancy. It was purchased and published in the Better Homes & Garden’s New Baby Book. Still, I had serious doubts about quitting my full-time career to become a writer.

I began writing fourteen years ago in my spare time. With a full-time career and a part-time job, my free-time for freelancing was non-existent. But, I continued to try new ideas, pursue new avenues and challenge myself in my writing.

Once the children came, I felt I was done writing. On the contrary, my children opened up an entirely new avenue for me. Each day and each milestone in their lives provided me with hundreds of topics to write about. My youngest son, who was afraid of the dark, provided me with the materials and ideas I needed to attempt a children’s book. And, other than the day I got married and the days my boys were born, the day I found out my book was to be published was one of the happiest of my life. But still, I wasn’t ready to call myself a “writer”.

When my oldest son started first grade, his teacher noticed something one day while reading a story he wrote. At the age of 7, he had the ability to form a plot, describe characters in detail, and develop a surprising ending to his story. She immediately signed him up with the school’s Writer’s Workshop program. Whether or not the ability to write is hereditary was irrelevant. I knew right then that I was a writer, and so was he.

I spent the next year preparing for what I did just last month – quit my job after twelve years to become a full-time freelance writer. Within the first month, I obtained a monthly column with a local publication, became a public relations consultant for a local school district, and gained approval for a feature article in a well-paying magazine.

The lessons I’ve learned are many throughout this process but the key ingredient to my success has to be perseverance. If you believe in your writing, chances are someone else will too.

Suzy Feine resides in Minnesota with her husband and two sons. She writes on a variety of topics including home building, decorating, gardening, children and parenting and has had over 50 articles published. She can be reached at: feinetimes@netzero.net