Write More Using Your Kitchen Timer! By Doris J. Niemann

Write More Using Your Kitchen Timer! By Doris J. Niemann

As a published writer, I am not getting out the word (so to speak) on a steady lucrative basis like I should. I still have difficulty making time to sit down each day and write. I found that concentrating on writing without losing interest in content, clarity and descriptive phrases was not as easy as I thought.

It is especially difficult for me because I have adult ADD (attention deficit disorder). Each day, I try to write a story that I’ve sorted out from the many ideas floating around in my mind, but I can’t seem to bond with an idea long enough to actually complete it.

After trying many helpful suggestions, I recently discovered one aid that works well for me. I set the timer on my stove for one hour. Now, I feel more in control and comfortable sitting in front of the computer. I can temporarily erase other obligations such as wet clothes in the washer that are ready for the dryer, or a phone call, or even a text that would only take a few minutes to respond to. Now, I’m getting used to responding to unimportant interruptions after the buzzer sounds. Besides, it’s good to get up, stretch and walk around after sitting for a long time. I don’t want to get a sudden onset of thrombosis!

Using a timer helps me use my time more effectively to strengthen the important habit of writing each day. It gives me a good feeling knowing I have accomplished such a small goal of using sixty minutes appropriately. Maybe in a few months I’ll be ready to set the timer for two hours of uninterrupted creativity. I think my exercising can wait another hour, and just think of the progress I’ll make producing more written pages, to carefully edit and eagerly email to a magazine editor.

Doris J. Niemann has written several articles for WritersWeekly.com in the past. She has also been published in The Dollar Stretcher, Guideposts, Northwest Prime Time, Episcopal-Life, and Julien’s Journal.