We Need Freelance Success Stories, and We’ll Pay $40 for ‘Em!

We Need Freelance Success Stories, and We’ll Pay $40 for ‘Em!

We’re looking for new freelance writing success stories to publish! Query us – BUT, READ OUR GUIDELINES FIRST. They’re HERE.

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HowMaster: The Writer's Guide to Beautiful Word Crafting

HowMaster is a wise choice for the writer who wants to weave words around the reader’s heart.

Author Linda M. Gigliotti shows how effective writing happens.

Author Linda M. Gigliotti draws from years of practice as a private
writing tutor in the guidebook that teaches writers how to format visceral
writing that pulls readers into their book. She explains with instruction
and samples of published works how to craft writing that come to life in the reader's mind.

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It's A Dirty Job...Writing Porn For Fun And Profit! Includes Paying Markets!

Fact is, writing porn is fun! It's also one of the easier markets to crack and make money at while you're still honing your skills. "It's A Dirty Job..." is one of the only resources that can teach you everything you need to know to create your stories and target your markets.

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