Pitching Product Promotions! Writing About Products You Love By Samantha Callender

Pitching Product Promotions! Writing About Products You Love By Samantha Callender

I struggled to find my footing in the freelance world of journalism. It seems that every pitch I was offering to major publications was being denied and the opportunity to earn money was slipping away.

A lot of the rejections to my queries came with reasons like, “Your topic wouldn’t be of interest to our readers.”

I couldn’t particularly understand how my topics wouldn’t be interesting to their readers. I tried to craft topics that pertained to the focus of the publication I was pitching.

Then I realized…maybe they could see I wasn’t particularly passionate about the topic I was trying to write about. Maybe my lack of knowledge and interest in the paycheck was more evident than my interest in the topic I was trying to discuss.

That’s when it dawned on me. Maybe I should try to write about the things I loved most, and submit it to those companies and to those people.

With that, I began to research the executive team whose products I used regularly, offering my writing services for their PR or Product Release purpose. After that, I was contacted by a representative from LUNA Bars (the company that makes nutrition bars for women).

After discussing the vision and details for what my work with LUNA would look like, soon I was writing press releases and health-related articles for LUNA Bar products.

I was able to put my best foot forward, and come up with innovative strategies to help write the pieces since LUNA Bars were products I actually used. It made my pitches to them more genuine and they were impressed with my knowledge about their company.

I would publish pieces about upcoming products and great ways to incorporate LUNA bars into one’s daily diet. By publishing the pieces on my various networks, I was able to help LUNA promote their products, writing quality features for clips, and getting paid. The combination of finding the great angle of making an educational piece about ways to be healthier with LUNA bars allowed me to use my skills with writing, and turn it into PR work for the company.

After discovering my success with LUNA Bars, I decided to expand this freelance venture. I began to email those in the PR departments of other companies I loved, and began to offer my services there as well. Many quickly jumped at the chance to get some online marketing done by way of articles about their products, at much lower rates than a large firm would charge.

My advice would be this: Seek out the PR representative of the companies and products you love, and offer your professional writing and promotional services for your regular freelance rates. Many firms now employ social media employees or contractors so you might want to mention that in your pitch as well.

My unique pitch allowed me to snag a majority of the freelance work I sought. I was drawing multiple payments from multiple sources weekly, expanding my portfolio, and making some good networking connections along the way.

Samantha Callender loves empowering young adults and working with issues relating to multiculturalism and diversity. She believes in giving a voice to the voiceless; cliche, but necessary. Loves social commentary and is open to dialogue. Open to networking and engaging with others to enhance professional and personal aspirations. @OnYourCallendersamantha.m.callender@gmail.com