Mine Your Previous Employer, Clients, and Other Connections to Boost Your Freelance Income! by Dianne Stevens

Mine Your Previous Employer, Clients, and Other Connections to Boost Your Freelance Income! by Dianne Stevens

Did you know that your previous employers and established business relationships in your previous work experience can be mined to secure a steady stream of freelance income? Businesses outside of the publishing world can provide opportunities beyond the queries and story assignments.

I worked full time as Assistant to the President of a specialized services firm for many years. I left that position to become a full time freelance writer. I’d been freelancing for newspapers and publications part time but I wanted to write, edit and work with businesses as well. I approached my former employer, and offered my freelance services to create his international advertising campaigns and a new brochure for his company. Well aware of my capabilities, he agreed. Those two assignments mushroomed into many more, including additional ad campaigns, writing program materials and editing intellectual papers.

Established business relationships can provide freelance income as well. I had worked with the owner of a particular printing company to provide printed materials for my former employer. This included business forms, letterhead and envelopes, in addition to brochures and program materials. I approached him offering my freelance services to his company and his customers who required writing and editing services. He had been contemplating creating a new brochure for his business and I was hired on the spot for the project. Soon, other writing jobs – resumes, direct mail letters and flyers came in from his customers and another stream of freelance income was established.

I continued mining my business contacts, organizations I had relationships with, and new people I met to keep the opportunities flowing. Among the projects I was hired for was editing a series of articles written by a professional musician for an industry publication, and writing press releases for an organization I’d volunteered with.

The work is there. You just have to look to your past for prospects.


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Dianne Stevens began her writing career four decades ago. She has been a reporter, editor, columnist and freelance writer for daily and weekly newspapers, specialty publications and online publishers.