Joining Forces By Rebecca MacKenzie

Do not underestimate the power of a writing group. I owe the success of my first sale to such a group with a membership of only two. While there may be strength in numbers, there is also strength in commitment. Our little “Write Away” illustrates that fact. Sue, the other member, was well-published when I met her. Employed by the same company, we soon bonded as co-workers and as writers. We often wished there was a writing group nearby that we could join.

Writing groups aid an author’s success by holding their membership accountable for creating manuscripts regularly, and for submitting them. More experienced writers assist novice members in learning about market research, and the techniques involved in submitting their work for publication. Professional organizations are introduced along with educational opportunities, contests, and target markets that might otherwise remain unknown. Members critique one another’s work, and offer constructive guidance. Authors experiencing frustrations or disappointments are buoyed and encouraged. Each success is celebrated. These aspects of writing groups are true, no matter the group’s size.

Because of the lower number of members, smaller groups are more intimate. This fosters close friendships and in-depth, one-on-one mentoring. With a mere two members, “Write Away” propelled me to the status of published author in two months. “Write Away” motivated Sue to resume her writing vocation after her talent had lain dormant for several years. Our manuscripts have been purchased by a wide variety of magazines Ò educational, parenting, writing, religious, children’s, and lifestyle Ò and other publications.

With the right combination of talent and commitment, an empowering group can be established despite low numbers. Whether joining a writing group or starting one, success begins with action. Act now!

Rebecca MacKenzie is a freelance author based in Wisconsin. Her work has been purchased by an eclectic mix of publications, including writing, parenting, teaching and Christian magazines. An award winning essayist, Rebecca’s poetry and short stories have been included in anthologies and literary journals. A seminary graduate (Trinity International University, Chicago, IL – MAR), Rebecca has authored Christian Studies curricula as well.