I Was Hired to Write a Novel for an Upcoming Feature Film! by Andy Bethea

I Was Hired to Write a Novel for an Upcoming Feature Film! by Andy Bethea

My first book was completed with a pad and pencil, long before desktops or laptops. So, no, I’m not in my twenties but let’s stay focused here.

For years, it appeared my work was just for me and my family. I knew everyone at my first book signing by name (first name at that). However, earlier this year, I was able to speak with the owner of Christian Cinema Productions. I was offered an opportunity to write a novel for a feature film scheduled to be released in 2016. The movie is being produced by David Nixon, who is known for his work in “Fireproof” and “Facing Giants.”

In addition, I have completed a few episodes of an animated series, which have been read by a few actors interested in doing voiceovers. One of those interested is a 14-year-old who already has his own talk show, and is a contributor to The Huffington Post teen.

I have two commercials, with two different producers, and we are currently seeking budgeting for them. I’ve completed a gospel play that was performed locally but has sparked an interest in other churches and venues.

I currently have eight books and ebooks available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and a few other websites. I have also submitted a feature script to a few producers. It is a screenplay that I have also written the sequel for. Not that I’m over confident but, if I don’t have confidence in myself, why would I expect anyone who reads it to have confidence in me?

I have become friends with other writers, bloggers and artists, which has increase my ability to meet people who are where I am in my journey, and some who are much further along. Each of them has blessed me with the understanding that more is better when it comes to writing. Having several books, plays, scripts and commercials on hand has benefited me tremendously.

Although I can’t reveal too much, I am confident that I will be collaborating with a well known producer in the near future on one of my projects, or co-writing one with him.

All of this happened because I have continued to write regardless of how long it took for someone to notice what I was writing. Please continue doing what you love, and creating pages and pages of things others will love. I am truly excited for the novel contract and the other accomplishments but I am more excited about the drive they give me to accomplish more.

Andy Bethea is a husband, father and a true follower of Christ. As an author, he has written and published several uplifting and inspirational books. Most recently a novel for a film that will be released in theaters in 2016. Andy presently has a few scripts and screenplays being reviewed by producers and directors. In addition to completing his own work, he looks forward to working with other writers on future projects as he believes that being able to accept someone’s idea over his own is a sign of growth.