Great Writers Are Great Communicators. Great Technologists Are NOT! By Jackie Bassett

Do what you love, and the money will come, right? Yes, but WritersWeekly wants to help show you where the money is now. I’m here to help share exactly what’s been working for me.

Great writers are great communicators. Great technologists are not, and the technology sector is filled with opportunities to develop an income because you are a writer.

The type of writing work these tech companies will pay for varies but the greatest need is help with their information blogs. What they look for is engaging content so they can build an audience and communicate why their technology really matters.

The best tech companies will use the conversations, which your engaging content will generate for their audience, to learn so much more about their customers than they ever could without you. (Tip: That’s the statement that will best position you as the writer they should hire, today!)

If you also have good interviewing skills, tech companies will pay you to write articles that interview senior executives on a topic related to their product. I do this quite often. I never pitch product. I write about the business insights these executives really want to share, which attracts exactly the audience my customers are looking for.

Contact any tech company directly and make them an offer. Look for tech companies with a product that you think might be great fun for you. Or, pick one with a blog that is so unclear you can see just how badly they need you. (Tip: If they can’t see it, just move on. There are plenty of others.)

You can also call through this list of the Best Technology and Industrial Public Relations Firms & Agencies, and offer to write as a freelancer. You don’t have to be technical. That’s not the shortage. You just have to be a great communicator, and you are!

Jackie Bassett is Founder and CEO of Sealed Speed, Co-Author of Drawing On Brilliance and a great writer for companies with great technology.