How I Use Grease-Slide Copy to Cast a Spell On My Blog Readers…and Hold Their Attention – By Karen Donald

How I Use Grease-Slide Copy to Cast a Spell On My Blog Readers…and Hold Their Attention – By Karen Donald

After three years as a features writer, I branched out, writing for blogs. I noticed that, over time, casually written blogs started to get more and more like professionally written articles. They presented interviews, posts got longer. 1,000 words became standard, 2,000 words are not uncommon, and content is directly linked to Search Engine Optimization.

I was informed by my new editor that, as a copywriter, my goal was to inform, convince, educate, and inspire readers in order to obtain “well time,” positioning his website as number one, thus drawing in the customer. Okay, so if good copywriting lies in your ability to bring your content to life, and motivate readers to take a desired action, how do you do that? Simple storytelling should be right at the top of the list. Should be easy enough!

I was sent various links on grease-slide copy, and how to entice blog readers. I applied the teachings immediately to a film deck I was writing, and my confidence levels soared, transforming my static writing technique into something alive. Do not assume the reader will ‘hang in there’! To make readers glued to the page, you just include examples of grease-slide words and phrases, to create smooth transitions between words and paragraphs.

Phrases like: “But wait, there’s more”, “You see”, “Think about it:”, “The truth is”, “You already know that”, “And what’s worse”, “Let me ask you this question,” “Ever noticed how”, “Keep reading to find out”, are all phrases known as the “Bucket Brigade”. They are words that keep the reader moving forward, providing a constant momentum. When done right, they make your writing seem more conversational. Even better they’ll turn your writing into a greased slide, making it almost impossible to stop reading until the end.

However, don’t take my word for it. Just check your website’s bounce rate (the percentage of single-page visits) and the average length of time on your site (dwell time) to see how fussy your readers can be. And, then read it out loud.

The good news is the merging of blog posts and articles should offer writers better pay opportunities. So, they ought to earn more. But, it’s up to us writers to raise the bar in the world of blogging.


Karen is British expatriate who has been living in Bali, Indonesia for 12 years. Prior to her relocation, Karen spent many informative years working in the London newspaper industry (Evening Standard), for British music papers (NME, Melody Maker) and in Bali as Media Director for John Hardy Jewelry and then Features Writer for expat publication, Bali Advertiser. Director of MADE FROM STARDUST, Karen produced award-winning documentary Chasing the Dream (2011), about Indonesian professional Rip Curl surfer, Oney Anwar, on his epic journey from a remote jungle village of Sumbawa to his debut on the World Championship Tour. Karen directed several short films including: An Athletes Dream (2016) and Silence & Monsters (2016). Following her success at festivals and on television worldwide, Karen is currently writing several TV series.


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